Model Publication Scheme

Welcome to the University of Hull Model Publication Scheme. This scheme has been adopted in accordance with the Information Commissioner's Office guidance.

This is a guide to the specific information we hold at the University of Hull and which is contained within any of the scheme's seven classes. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please contact us (details on the right).

How we make decisions

Minutes from governing bodies, academic boards and steering groups. Part A, unreserved minutes of formal University Committees are available - make a freedom of information request.

Human resource

Staff pay and grading structures

Procedures relating to recruitment

Equality and Diversity

Lists and registers

Register of suppliers available on request

Asset registers - make a freedom of information request

Register of interests guidance - make a freedom of information request

Disclosure logs - make a freedom of information request

What we spend

Funding/income information (view infographic)

Budgetary and account information - corporate accounts

Capital programme - Estates strategy information (PDF)

Financial regulations and procedures - make a freedom of information request

Suppliers contract information

Research funding - make a freedom of information request