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Financial support

Struggling to make ends meet? Or just want to budget better? Talk to us today. We won’t meddle, we won’t pry, we won’t preach. But we will do everything we can to help.

We know that developments around coronavirus (COVID-19) are concerning and may cause disruption to your studies. Student Services remain open and as always, we’re here to help and support you.

Financial support during COVID-19

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Our dedicated financial support team can provide you with assistance and advice to get you back to where you want to be.


Why should you budget? For one, your student loan is paid in three big chunks, rather than a steady stream every month. Planning how to make this last each term can help you avoid spending too much, too soon, and getting into financial trouble later on.

It can also help you prepare for emergencies or save up for something big. And it’s an investment. If you get into the habit now, you’ll be set for life.

Plus, you’ll just start to feel better. Taking back control of your spending means less time worrying about what you’ve not got, and more time enjoying what you have.

Are you receiving the correct amount of student funding? Use this calculator to find out.

Our top 10 quick and easy budgeting tips
  1. Shop around for a student bank account. Look for ones that are 0% on overdrafts.
  2. Try our budget calculator to get a real understanding of your cash flow.
  3. Ask yourself: Do I need it? Is it cheaper somewhere else? Will I really use it?
  4. Be thrifty. Don’t buy new books – borrow or buy second hand. 
  5. Invest in a reusable water bottle and fill up from the water fountains around campus.
  6. Learn to cook some basic cheap meals.
  7. Make a packed lunch every day instead of buying expensive lunches and meal deals. 
  8. Don’t commit to anything long term when you first get to university, like gym memberships and mobile phone contracts. 
  9. Shop around for the best deals on everything you buy.
  10. Start looking for part-time work before starting university.

Grants and bursaries

We know that university can be expensive. That’s why we have a wide range of grants and bursaries available. If you need extra financial help to cover childcare costs or a boost because you’re from a lower-income household, we can help.

They are separate to student loans. And the best bit is that you don’t pay a penny back! Find out more about what's on offer here.

Grants and bursaries

Child Grant

£200 per child is available to undergraduate UK students with an annual residual household income of £25,000 or less and who have children aged 16 or under (or up to 19 years if in full-time education) and are receiving Child Benefit. Find out more.

Disabled Students Allowance

Disabled Students Allowance helps to pay for any extra study-related costs that you might incur at University because of a disability. If you need a computer or laptop, we'll contribute £200 towards the cost. And we can help you apply too. Find out more here.

Northern Dairies Educational Trust

There are limited funds available for local, EU, and international students from developing countries who are facing unexpected or exceptional financial difficulties, through the Northern Dairies Educational Trust. 

If you are an EU or International student facing financial hardship you should contact the Financial Support Team by visiting and explain your circumstances. If you're eligible we'll send you details on how to apply.

If you're an International student and you would like to discuss how your financial situation may affect your further stay in the UK please contact our Immigration Advisers on

Sports Excellence Representation Programme

Our vision is to nurture and develop student sport at the University - creating exciting opportunities for our students to compete in local, regional, national and international sporting competitions. We can offer funding to help with the costs of participating in elite-level competitions.

Funding is available to any student or staff member preparing to compete in a notable sporting event. To find out more, email with details of the competition and what steps you've taken to get there.

Young adult carer, care leaver or estranged - Humber Grant 

If you’re aged under 25 and are a carer, a care leaver or are estranged from your family, we offer a wide range of support to ensure you have the best possible University experience. Find out more.

Hardship support fund

The Hardship Support Fund is a limited, means-tested fund for UK/Home and EU students (who receive maintenance funding from Student Finance England) and are experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties. To apply you must be enrolled and have received the first instalment of your student funding (if applicable). It is expected that you have accessed all financial support available to you prior to applying to the Fund.

Your eligible income and expenditure over the academic year are calculated and if there is a deficit you will normally be made an award towards this. Applications will be submitted for checks to ensure you meet both internal and external guidelines of the Hardship Support Fund and review evidence before a decision is made. Any award made is a grant and does not need to be repaid.

Find out if you're eligible and make an application here.

If you have any questions, visit

Summer Fund

The Summer Fund comes under the Hardship Support Fund, and provides support specifically for the summer, covering the period from the end of your academic year up to enrolment week of the next year.

The Fund is for non-final year students:

  • with dependents
  • unable to work due to illness or disability and where other benefits are unavailable
  • who are eligible for the Humber Grant

Short term solutions

If you don't receive your student funding on time, you may be eligible to apply for a short-term loan. You will need to supply evidence of your student funding application, four weeks of up-to-date bank statements and evidence to support the request for your loan.

Only UK and EU students who are eligible to receive maintenance funding from Student Finance England can apply.

Find out more and apply by visiting MyJourney.

If you have any questions, visit

Help with travel and food costs

Bus cards are available for students facing short term difficulties with travel costs due to unforeseen circumstances. We can also provide food vouchers and hardship packages for students in immediate financial difficulty. Students will need to provide four weeks’ up-to-date bank statements. Food vouchers, bus cards and hardship packages may be considered alongside, and as an alternative to a short term loan. This help is available to UK, EU and International students.

If you have any questions, visit

Discretionary funds

We have other limited funds available for students facing difficult or unforeseen financial circumstances, for example, homelessness, relationship breakdown or family bereavement.

Debt advice

No matter how large or small your debt problem is, StepChange can help. They will look at your financial situation and give you free and confidential debt advice and recommend debt solutions to suit your situation. 

For local debt advice, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. They are based at the Wilson Centre on Alfred Gelder Street and can offer face-to-face support, as well as advice by email or telephone. Find out more here.


If you have queries about benefits, or would like a free benefits check, the Hull University Advice Centre can help. Get in touch.