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Key Documents

The University’s programmes, plans and policies

The University publishes a range of prospectuses and publications for prospective students.

Other major corporate publications, available for download include:

Strategy 2030

Strategy 2030 sets out the University’s long-term vision and strategic priorities.

Strategy 2030

Education Strategy 2020 - 2025

This Education Strategy sets out our goal to exceed all our previous league table standings by our 100th birthday, in 2027. Our vision is to provide high quality, relevant and attractive courses for our graduates to thrive in a global community with the skills and competencies for a fairer, brighter and carbon-neutral future.

Strategy 2020 - 2025


Annual Report and Statement of Accounts

Summarises the University’s most notable activities and achievements over the last academic year and presents the consolidated results of the University and its trading subsidiary undertakings for the year ending 31 July 2023.

Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 2022/23

Sustainability Report

This report presents an overview of the breadth of our activities to advance sustainability and how this work is contributing towards the delivery of our Strategy 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The information detailed in the report primarily focuses on our widespread research activities, as well as actions taken and the progress we have made during the 2022/23 academic year.

Sustainability Report 2022/23

Inclusive Assessment, Marking and Feedback Policy

Our Inclusive Assessment, Marking and Feedback Policy (September 2020) outlines how we ensure all students can achieve to the best of their ability in assessed work, and is aligned to the competencies set out by the Quality Assurance Agency’s subject level benchmarks. It has been created as part of our University-wide commitment to removing barriers to learning, increasing social mobility and providing opportunities to people from all backgrounds.

Inclusive Assessment, Marking and Feedback Policy (September 2020)

Degree Outcomes Statement

As set out by the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment (UKSCQA) in their Statement of Intent, providers in England are expected to publish their Degree Outcomes.The Degree Outcomes Statement for The University of Hull covers final classification for graduates on Level 6 and 7 programmes and follows the guidance provided by the UKSCQA on producing Degree Outcomes Statements.

Degree Outcome Statement 2022-23

Student Partnership Agreement

The Student Partnership Agreement (SPA)* is a statement of the ways in which our community works in partnership.

Student Partnership Agreement

University of Hull Pension and Assurance (UHPAS)

A Guide to Your Benefits

Statement of Investment Principles

Engagement Policy Implementation Statement

Local Government Pension Scheme

NYPF Discretions Policy

Economic Impact Report

The University of Hull's 2021-22 Economic Impact Report: The anchor institution for our region, driving economic growth and supporting businesses here and across the UK.

Economic Impact Report 2021-22

University Charter

The University Charter, Statutes and Ordinances are the University's governing documents

Charter, Statutes and Ordinance and recent updates

Social Justice and Sustainable Development

Motivated by society's challenges and inspired by the power of our global community, we are shaping a fairer, brighter and carbon neutral future.

Our commitment to Social Justice and Sustainable Development

Data Protection

Data Protection statement to University of Hull students

Data Protection

Policies and Procedures

A register of the University of Hull’s formal documentation (policies, procedures and regulations)

Policies and Procedures

Student Protection Plan

As a registered provider of higher education, we must publish a Student Protection Plan which sets out how continuation of study will be preserved for current and potential students and an associated Refunds and Compensation Policy.

Student Protection Plan

Student Contract

Refund and Compensation Policy

Trade Union Facility Time 

As part of the Trade Union Act 2016, we are required to publish information on trade union facility time.

Facility Time Report 2023

Code of Conduct

This Code aims to provide guidance to all members of staff and affiliates about what we believe is acceptable and best practice for our University.

Code of Conduct 

Transparency Return

The number of applications for admission to our undergraduate courses from UK students and details on their gender, race and socio-economic status.

Transparency report

GTRSB into Higher Education Pledge

We are proud to take the #GTRSBintoHE pledge as part of our commitment to supporting GTRSB students into and within higher education. For further information, please visit the GTRSB page here.

University of Hull GTRSB Pledge 2021

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Financial Statements Archive

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