Life inside. From the inside.

Criminology at Hull is part of the national Learning Together network.

That’s an initiative which brings our undergraduates together with students from within prison to learn alongside each other – and from each other. In Year 3, a small group of selected students go into HMP Hull each week to explore why – and how – people who’ve been involved in crime stop offending.

You’ll be studying alongside inmates doing the module with you, sharing the same learning space and assessments. It’ll give you a fresh perspective on criminology and first-hand, front-line experience of a prison environment. It’s a chance to meet prisoners and hear about the issues affecting them day to day. All massive benefits if you’re considering a career in criminal justice: maybe in the probation service, as a psychologist or working for a charity.

Lauren Kelsall
Lauren Kelsall
Criminology with Forensic Science Graduate
For me, Learning Together has not just been a learning process, but also a personal journey. It was obvious there was a good rapport developing throughout the groups, which enabled stimulating conversations and debates. I often found that the HMP students brought forth arguments which I hadn’t previously contemplated.”

The scheme is breaking down barriers: creating dialogue between two groups who’ve historically had next to no contact. It’s a chance for you to get an insight into the life experiences of people who are often of a similar age with comparable interests, but whose journey has been very different.

Our students go in with open minds and have their preconceptions challenged; it also builds their confidence and helps them learn how to make connections with people from all walks of life.

Criminology at Hull

"Absolutely loved the course – will be deflated when it ends. I felt very human rather than a prisoner and have been helped by brain stimulation.”

- HMP Hull Student