Dr Iain Brennan

Professor Iain Brennan

Professor of Criminology

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • Department of Criminology and Sociology


Professor Brennan is a psychologist who moved into the area of criminology via a PhD in public health.

He continues to integrate these disciplines in his three main areas of research: the prevention of weapon use; the policing of domestic abuse; and the diversion of offenders from the criminal justice system.

His work has featured in leading journals including the British Medical Journal, British Journal of Criminology and Addiction as well as national and international policy documents.

Iain joined University of Hull in 2010. In 2016 he led the redesign of the University's criminology programmes and is currently the Director of Research for the Department of Criminology and Sociology.


BA Criminology with Psychology (Hong Kong)

- Social Psychology

- Personality & Individual Differences

- Forensic Psychology

- Abnormal & Applied Biological Psychology

BA Criminology (Hull)

- Experimental Criminology

BSc Psychology (Hull)

- Forensic Psychology

Recent outputs

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Journal Article

Police-initiated diversion for youth to prevent future delinquent behavior: a systematic review

Wilson, D. B., Brennan, I., & Olaghere, A. (2018). Police-initiated diversion for youth to prevent future delinquent behavior: a systematic review. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 14, https://doi.org/10.4073/csr.2018.5

Early diversion and empowerment policing : evaluating an adult female offender triage project

Brennan, I. R., Green, S., & Sturgeon-Adams, L. (2018). Early diversion and empowerment policing : evaluating an adult female offender triage project. Policing and Society, 28(5), 570-586. https://doi.org/10.1080/10439463.2016.1187607

Service provider difficulties in operationalising coercive control

Brennan, I., Burton, V., Gormally, S., & O'Leary, N. (2019). Service provider difficulties in operationalising coercive control. Violence against women, 25(6), 635-653. https://doi.org/10.1177/1077801218797478

Weapon-carrying and the reduction of violent harm

Brennan, I. R. (2019). Weapon-carrying and the reduction of violent harm. The British journal of criminology, 59(3), 571–593. https://doi.org/10.1093/bjc/azy032


Domestic Abuse Matters 2.0 Evaluation of first responder training

Brennan, I., & Myhill, A. (2017). Domestic Abuse Matters 2.0 Evaluation of first responder training. College of Policing

Research interests

Iain's research largely focuses on the application of psychological and criminological theory to the understanding and prevention of community violence.

He also undertakes research work in:

- gun and knife crime

- alcohol-related violence

- crime reporting and victim responses to crime

- community influences on engagement with criminal justice

- domestic abuse

- experimental criminology/evidence-based policing

- information sharing for violence prevention

- diversion from custody

- governance of night time economies

- crime and victimisation surveys

Brennan, I.R. (2017), 'High Stakes: The Role of Weapons in Offender Decision-making', W. Bernasco, H. Elffers & J.-L. van Gelder (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Offender Decision-Making, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Brennan, I.R., Green, S. and Sturgeon-Adams, L. (2016), 'Early Diversion and Empowerment Policing: Evaluating an Adult Female Offender Triage Project', Policing and Society, 1-17.

Brennan, I.R. (2015), 'Victim Responses to Violence: The Effect of Alcohol Context on Crime Labeling', Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 31, 1116-1140.

Florence, C., Shepherd, J.P., Brennan, I.R. & Simon, T.R. (2011), 'Effectiveness of Anonymised Information Sharing and Use in a Health Service, Police and Local Government Partnership for Preventing Violence Related Injury: Experimental Study and Time Series Analysis', British Medical Journal, 342d3313, 1-9.

Brennan, I.R. & Moore, S.C. (2009), 'Weapons and Violence: A Review of Theory and Research', Aggression and Violent Behavior, 14, 215-225.

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Police Initiated Diversion for Youth to Prevent Future Delinquent Behaviour: A Systematic Review


George Mason University




1 July 2016



Postgraduate supervision

Dr Brennan is happy to hear from potential students interested in undertaking postgraduate research in any of his areas of research interest.

He is particularly interested to hear from potential supervisees in the areas of knife crime/weapon violence, victim responses and interpretations of crime and the policing of domestic abuse.

Dr Brennan has supervised research exemplars by a number of trainee forensic psychologists in preparation for BPS chartership and would be willing to supervise further in this area.

Completed PhDs

Yang, Y. (2015), Measuring Public Trust in Charities in the UK: An Empirical Study based on Scale Development

Current PhD supervisors

Sarah Colley, Perpetrators of Child Sexual Exploitation

Muneera Al-harbi, Geographical Distribution of Shoplifting