Study spaces

Information about the study spaces of the Library.

Library study spaces are available during the specified opening hours.

Please also see Behaviour in the Library in the library regulations.

Types of study spaces

Silent Study

Silent study spaces in the Library: 

  • Reading Room on the 1st floor (including the Mezzanine)
  • Postgraduate Research Lounge on the 2nd floor (please note that the Postgraduate Research Lounge can only be accessed by PhD students)

About the silent study spaces:

  • You must book a seat to study in these areas
  • Silent study areas are for individual work
  • To prevent disturbing others...
    • Please refrain from speaking to others
    • Please do not play music aloud (you can borrow headphones from the staff desk in the Reading Room if needed)
    • Please do not take phone or video calls
    • Bottled water only is permitted, so that you can stay hydrated

If you have been disturbed by others, you can speak to a member of library staff in person, or contact us via Live Chat. If you are found to be disturbing others, a staff member may remind you of our guidelines or ask you to leave the space. 

Quiet Study

Quiet study spaces in the Library:

  • 2nd floor to 6th floor 

About the quiet study spaces:

  • All seats in these spaces are open-access (i.e. they can not be booked in advance). Find open-access PCs available now
  • Quiet study spaces allow for quiet conversations and group work
  • Quiet study spaces are not subject to silent study rules, so you can expect some background noise from other students
  • Cold drinks and hot drinks in sealed cups / flasks are permitted

If you have been disturbed by others speaking loudly or causing other disruptions, please do contact us on Live Chat, or speak to a member of library staff in person. 

Social Study

Social study spaces in the Library:

  • 1st floor (not including the Reading Room)
  • 7th floor Observatory

About the social study spaces:

  • Social study areas are open plan and open-accessFind open-access PCs available now 
  • Social study areas are not subject to silent or quiet study rules, so you may find them noisier than other areas
  • The 7th floor Observatory is for group work, individual work, or to relax and enjoy the view
  • The 7th floor Observatory includes a large screen and recording equipment which is bookable for campus events. For any booking enquiries, please contact us
  • Cold drinks and hot drinks in sealed cups / flasks are permitted

Group Learning Rooms

Group Learning Rooms are found throughout the library building.

About the Group Learning Rooms:

  • They can be used for collaborative working and video conferencing
  • They are popular, so we advise you book a group learning room in advance whenever possible.
  • You can find information about each room, including location and occupancy information, when booking.

Family Room

The Family Room is on the ground floor of the Library and is open from 9am to 8pm every day.

About the Family Room:

  • The Family Room is popular, so we advise you book one of the two study spaces in the family room in advance whenever possible
  • The Family Room is a space designed for parents to study when accompanied by children
  • The Family Room contains a playmat and children’s bookcase
  • Children must not be left unsupervised at any time in the University Library

Student kitchen

If you would like to eat in the library, please use the Student Kitchen or the Library Cafe. Both are on the ground floor.

The Student Kitchen contains: 

  • Water to make hot drinks
  • A microwave
  • Soft seating, chairs and tables

Please note that you will need your student card to access the Student Kitchen.

Using I.T. in the Library


There are lots of ways you can switch-off and take a break from studying.