Study spaces

How to make best use of the study spaces in the Library.

Open-access seats

The majority of seats in the Library (with and without PCs) are open-access and therefore do not need to be booked in advance. 

These open-access seats are located on the: Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, 4th Floor, 5th Floor, 6th Floor, and 7th Floor.


Book a seat or room

High demand spaces are bookable and are located:

  • Reading Room including the Mezzanine (Silent Study)
  • Post Graduate Lounge (2nd Floor)
  • All Group Study Rooms including the Family Room

The Family Room is for students wanting to bring their children with them while studying. The room has two bookable seats with a computer, a playmat, and a children's bookcase. 


Laptop loans

You can borrow a laptop for 8 hours from one of the laptop lockers on the first floor. 

You can also apply for a long-term (4-week) laptop loan.


Connect to Wi-Fi

How to connect to the university's Eduroam Wi-Fi (recommended for students and staff).

There is also a guest Wi-Fi service available, but access to the guest Wi-Fi must be renewed every 24 hours.


Print, copy, and scan

There are multi-function printer/copier/scanners throughout the Library.

You can print to any of them:

How to print, copy, scan, and top-up your print credit


Student kitchen

The Library has a new student kitchen! (for a trial period)

  • It is on the ground floor of the Library
  • It contains water for hot drinks and a microwave
  • There are seats and tables
  • You will need your student card to access the kitchen
  • The trial lasts for the first semester of 2022-23 We will then evaluate how successful the trial has been.

Switch off

The Library has lots of ways switch off and take a break from studying.