Can't find it?

If you have searched the library and not found the book or journal article you need, you can still obtain your item in a number of ways.

This webpage outlines the various methods...

Suggest a book purchase

You can ask the Library to purchase a book:

Suggest a new library resource

Academic staff can use this form to propose a new library resource - e.g. a new database (subscription or outright purchase) or a journal subscription - that would support teaching and/or research. 

If you are requesting more than one resource, please complete a separate form for each.

Find an open-access version

Journal articles are frequently published in an open-access form, meaning they can be read without a subscription or purchase. More information on finding open-access versions of journal articles

Inter library loan

We can request books and journal articles for you from the British Library and other academic libraries. Please see further information on the inter library loan service (includes request forms).

Request a copy of an article from the author

It is common academic practice to request copies of journal articles direct from the author. Look for the corresponding author's e-mail address in the abstract of the article. They may send you a copy of the published version or a pre-print version, depending upon publisher restrictions.

Order an article from the publisher

Publishers often provide the option to purchase a copy of an individual journal article. The costs of direct orders are paid by the requestor and are not currently supported by the Library.

Search and visit other libraries

You can search for your item at other university and public libraries online and arrange to visit them.

Find an alternative

Do you need this exact item? If you are researching a topic, you might find the information you need in an another book or journal article. So instead of searching for an exact title, try a library search for the topic. It's likely you will find many books and articles that will be relevant and useful.

Contact the Library

For further advice, or to report an item missing from the shelves, please contact the Library.