Can't find it? Alternative access while walk-in access is suspended

If you have searched the library and not found the book or journal article you need online, you can still obtain your item in a number of ways:

Suggest an e-book purchase

(For the duration of the coronavirus emergency we are prioritising e-book purchases as we cannot guarantee the delivery of print books.)

You can ask the Library to purchase an e-book:

Find an open-access version

Journal articles are frequently published in an open-access form, meaning they can be read without a subscription or purchase. More information on finding open-access versions of journal articles

Request a copy of an article from the author

It is common academic practice to request copies of journal articles direct from the author. Look for the corresponding author's e-mail address in the abstract of the article. They may send you a copy of the published version or a pre-print version, depending upon publisher restrictions.

Order an article from the publisher

Publishers often provide the option to purchase a copy of an individual journal article. The costs of direct orders are paid by the requestor and are not currently supported by the Library.

Inter-library loan

We can request books and journal articles for you from the British Library and other academic libraries. Please see further information on the inter-library loan service (includes request forms).

Coronavirus means that libraries are offering reduced services. Please check their websites before travelling.

Search other libraries

Find a library that holds the book or journal you need:

Visit other libraries


Contact the Library

For further advice, or to report an item missing from the shelves, please contact the Library.