Customer Service Excellence

The University of Hull, Brynmor Jones Library was first awarded Customer Service Excellence in 2019, successfully achieving the University’s first Customer Service Excellence award. Customer Service Excellence is a mark of quality for our services which is focused towards the individual needs and preferences of our customers. It creates opportunities to provide innovative and improved services, striving to go above and beyond expectation. 

Throughout the 2019-20 academic year, we continued to meet and exceed the awards criteria, maintaining our accreditation and providing excellent customer service.  

In order to be recognised as achieving Customer Service Excellence, the Library created an extensive portfolio of evidence which was presented and assessed by an external licensed body. The detailed criteria found in the Customer Service Excellence standard is split into five sections: 

Customer Insight  

The University Library serves many customers both within and beyond the University of Hull. To meet this criterion we had to demonstrate how we consulted our customers and provided them opportunities to feedback on our services. We have an ethos of putting customers at the heart of everything we do, focusing on how we can use data and feedback to improve our services. 

The Culture of the Organisation 

This customer focused culture within the University Library continues as evidence for this criterion. We had to show our commitment to fostering this culture across all levels of our employees. We competitively want to be the best and challenge others to think differently. You can view our commitment promises which relate to library culture on our webpages.  

Information and Access 

We provide accurate and comprehensive information to our customers in order to demonstrate that we meet this criterion. Whether that’s our library social media feeds (on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube), digital signage, library webpages, or partnering with the university to send updates via email, we measure how much communication has been understood to ensure these methods are effective.  


Delivery focuses on how the University library utilises comments, complaints and feedback in order to make adjustments to our operations. We have a responsibility to adhere to national and statutory targets such as our equality, diversity and inclusion provisions and this forms part of our evidence for this criterion.  

Timeliness and Quality of Service 

The University Library publishes expected response times to customer contact, whilst monitoring data to maintain high levels of communication quality.  Our business and service standards help us to maintain standards and consistency of our service. We review these monthly, putting in place any action necessary alongside benchmarking our approach with other institutions.  



Our Customer Service Excellence award is recognition of the high standard the Customer Experience and Insight team have achieved in their customer service provision. We are committed to providing the best possible customer care and this award acknowledges the University Library and our work as a team in creating the portfolio of evidence required.  

Contact us for support or questions on the University Library Customer Service Excellence accreditation.