Our Complaints Policy


The University Library Customer Services Team aim to provide a quality service to all that engage with the diverse range of facilities and services here at the Brynmor Jones Library. We publish our commitment as stated in our Customer Services Policy. This page details our process for complaints in providing a fair and accessible procedure to ensure a timely response to any concerns raised.

A complaint is defined by an expression of dissatisfaction by anyone using, receiving or affected by Library Customer Service about an action, lack of action, or the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the University's Library Services. This should be received within 3 months of the date of the event taking place or on which the complainant could reasonably be expected to have known about the matter.

Our complaints process is updated annually. You can view the complete Library Complaints Procedure.

If you have any questions about the policy, please contact us. 


This complaint process is for use by:

• Registered Students of the University of Hull.

• Registered Sconul access users of the University Library.

• Associate Members of the University Library.

• Employees and Academics of the University of Hull.

• Members of the public using library public areas and services.


What this complaint process does not cover:

• Issues which do not relate to the University’s Library Services and/or issues outside of its control.

• Any complaint which has previously exhausted this procedure.

• Any matter which is subject to on-going legal proceedings.

• Complaints deemed to be vexatious or malicious in nature, should such a decision be taken you will be notified in writing of the reasons for this and signposted to the Regulations for the investigation and determination of complaints by students. Non student complaints of this nature will receive feedback directly from the Head of Service.

• Concerns raised by a third party where signed consent has not been provided by the person they are representing.




Informal Complaint

The majority of concerns raised can be resolved at a local level within the library using the following methods;

At the Welcome Desk – During staffed hours a member of our team will at first point of contact seek to resolve any local complaint made in person. Feedback forms are also available in this location for completion with confidential storage.

By phoning 01482 466581 to speak to a member of library staff who can help.

Using Library Chat - located to the right on the Library homepage.

Using our Feedback form.

By emailing libhelp@hull.ac.uk

In order to assist in a swift resolution to your complaint please be specific, clarifying the issues you are dissatisfied with and providing as much information as possible including anything you feel is relevant that you wish to be taken into account.

Please let us know the outcome you are seeking. Whilst we may not always be able to meet the outcome request, we will always seek a satisfactory conclusion, and this information will help us to manage expectations about what can be achieved.

Providing your name and contact details are important to resolving any complaints. Complaints provided without name and contact details of the complainant may result in the complaint not being fully resolved.

An initial response should be provided within 24 hours of an informal complaint being made. This is to acknowledge the complaint made and provide guidance on the expected resolution time.


Formal Complaint

Where a student complaint is considered not suitable for handling under Informal Complaint, for example where the complaint is regarding the conduct of a member of staff and/or the issues are deemed too complex for handling under the Informal Complaint process, a formal complaint should be submitted. Information about formal complaints is located on the University website here.



Data Storage

The University Library will hold an archive of informal complaints and feedback made for three years and hold web form emails for a twelve month period. Data relating to complaints will be collected and reported upon each month. An analysis of the type of complaints received will be undertaken and used for training and improvement purposes. Any personal details will not be disclosed.