Services for students on distance taught courses

We provide a range of services to enable students on distance taught courses to make the most of the Library. These pages are designed to answer some of your queries and to help you make the most of the services and resources available to you.

Distance-taught students visiting the Library in person will need to bring their valid student card.

Opening times vary during vacations so always check the opening times before your visit.


You do not need to register separately with the Library. Your student card is also your Library card. Keep your card with you at all times as you may need to refer to the ID number on the card when contacting the Library by phone, email or via the Internet. You will also need your student card if you visit the Library in person.

Supply of journal articles or book chapters

The Inter Library Loan service can supply copies of journal articles or chapters of books, either from our own library or from the British Library. Students on distance-taught courses are allowed 10 requests each year.

If you wish to use the service please complete the appropriate form found on the Inter Library Loan page.  This is a legal requirement under the UK 1988 Copyright Act.  In order to avoid delay, please provide all the information requested.