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Student Parents

At the University of Hull, we understand that managing your studies whilst being pregnant or having parenting responsibilities can be demanding.

We’re committed to providing our students with top class facilities and a supportive environment in which to live and learn.

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Disclosing a pregnancy

Students are encouraged to notify the University of their pregnancy as early as possible to ensure they have a safe and supported study environment both during and following their pregnancy (if recommencing study in the first 26 weeks after giving birth). A student can notify their pregnancy to their personal supervisor, to Student Services through the MyHull portal, or by requesting an appointment with the Student Life team.

The Student Life Team and academic department will use the Pregnancy Support Plan to ensure all relevant information is considered and any appropriate action taken.

Antenatal or pre-adoption appointments

Students and partners are entitled to reasonable time off to attend ante-natal or pre-adoption appointments. Students and partners should provide evidence in advance of appointments to their Academic Supervisor or another member of departmental staff. Regular appointments should wherever possible be scheduled around teaching commitments or at the start or end of the working day, if on placement.

Babies and children on campus

Babies and children are allowed in public areas of campus but must be supervised at all times.

Students feeding a baby under 26 weeks old are protected under the Equality Act 2010. Should they wish to bring their baby to a lecture or assessment this can be requested by contacting their academic supervisor, programme lead or student services contact, to make appropriate arrangements and ensure any health and safety risks are identified and mitigated.

Facilities on campus

The University of Hull is a feeding-friendly campus. Our cafés are relaxed and comfortable spaces for feeding a child.

There are no restrictions on feeding in public areas of campus. We have a dedicated private feeding room on the ground floor in the Allam Medical building, near the lifts. The room has a lockable door and is equipped with a comfortable chair and baby-changing facilities where parents can attend to the caring needs of their child

Private space can also be requested in the Library via the ground floor reception desk and in the Central Hub on the first floor of Student Central. There are a number of family-friendly locations on campus including our cafes, open spaces, sports facilities, library, exhibition and theatre spaces.

The library has its own designated “Family Room”, located on the ground floor of the Brynmor Jones Library. This is a child-friendly room that can be booked out for students needing to access the library facilities whilst juggling childcare. You can book a seat in the family room here.


If you're a full-time undergraduate student with children, you can apply for a means-tested childcare grant

The University of Hull doesn’t provide a nursery facility. However, Little Einstein’s childcare is a private provider located on the University campus, they operate on a first come first serve basis but do offer a 5% discount for University of Hull students.

There are also several other private nurseries close to the University. We would advise that you contact nurseries as soon as possible as they tend to get booked up early.

Information about childcare options in the surrounding areas can be found on either the Early years providers or day nurseries page.

Assessments and examinations

Reasonable adjustments for examinations and assessments are available for any pregnant student who needs them. If a student has any concerns around examinations, meeting deadlines for assessed work due to pregnancy, or has a pregnancy related health condition that is exacerbated by stress, they are advised to seek advice from their GP or Midwife. If the advice suggests avoiding these situations then an alternative method of assessment will be considered.

Mitigating circumstances

There may be unforeseeable, exceptional circumstances or pregnancy related illness which affect a student’s ability to study or undertake assessments or examinations. In these situations, they may be able to use the mitigating circumstances process to defer an assessment or take it again. Decisions will be based on the student’s individual circumstances and the requirements of their programme of study.

See further information about Mitigating Circumstances.

Financial support

Each family’s circumstances are different, the HUSU advice centre can give advice on finances for students with families including

  • Family and Childcare entitlement from Student Finance England
  • Benefit Entitlement
  • Statutory Maternity Pay
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Grants

Child Grant

The Child Grant opens in trimester two, and any eligible student will be contacted and invited to make an application.

Any student who finds themselves in unexpected financial difficulties can apply to the University for some financial support. Further information about all financial support available can be found here.

Health and safety

The pregnancy support plan is completed with any student who discloses a pregnancy. This checklist includes health and safety considerations. A copy of the completed assessment should be attached or stored with the Pregnancy and Maternity Support Plan.

Leave of absence procedures

A student may choose to take a break from their studies, for up to a year. This would need to be discussed with the department and a suspension of studies request completed with the Student Life Team.

Information about the procedures for taking a leave of absence is available at the Suspending your studies page.

Return to study

To ensure all arrangements are in place on returning to study, we ask students give as much notice as possible of their intention and plans to return. For an absence of:

  • More than 6 months absence – 2 months notice
  • Less than 6 months absence – 1 months notice

The student should notify their named contact in student services, who will liaise with their academic department to create a re-integration plan which considers any outstanding assessments, placements or fieldwork. The named contact will also notify registry services of the intention to return to ensure the student is able to successfully re-enrol onto their course.

Parental leave

Partners are entitled to up to 3 weeks authorised absence following the birth of a child. If the partner is subsequently taking responsibility as the main carer during the first 52 weeks following the birth, this should be applied for as a suspension of studies request with supporting evidence provided.

A student who becomes a new parent through adoption is entitled to suspend their studies for up to 52 weeks. In the event of a failed adoption where a panel refuses adoption or an adoption hearing fails the student is entitled to suspend their studies for up to 52 weeks. In either event, the suspension should be applied for using a suspension of studies request with supporting evidence provided.

Still births and miscarriages

In the unfortunate event that a student miscarries, has a stillbirth or neonatal death they are entitled to take time off (medical leave) or apply to suspend their studies.

Support from the University Mental Health and Wellbeing Team is available for any student affected by this situation.

Study abroad

If a student becomes pregnant whilst on a student year abroad or a placement, they should follow the disclosure of pregnancy guidance in the Student Pregnancy and new parent policy. Consideration should be given to the suitability of the placement in relation to their pregnancy and notes added to their Pregnancy and Maternity Support Plan.

University sources of information and help

The Student Life Team is the University’s dedicated point of contact for students who are pregnant, have children or are undertaking fertility treatment. They can offer advice and guidance about studying at the University with children, as well as advice relating to the Pregnancy, Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Policy. You can contact by raising an enquiry in your MyHull Portal or for parents, guardians or graduates by emailing;