24 hour support

We are committed to ensure our campus is a safe and supportive place for everyone.

If you need support outside of our normal working hours, there are support services you can reach out to 24/7.

If you or someone else is at immediate risk of harm, call 999.

For information on what to do if you have a physical illness or injury, please see our self-help and wellbeing page.

Safety on Campus

Our campus is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you'd like an escort while on campus, particularly if you have late lectures, we're able to provide this service too.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch.

Emergency 01482 465555

Non-emergency 01482 466868

Foundation Year


Our on-campus student accommodation has dedicated staff on-site 24 hours a day.

Courtyard 01482 462080 or 01482 466006

Westfield Court and Taylor Court 07864692502 or 07884285096

General safety advice

Hull is a safe city and most of our students do not encounter any problems, however, as within any city crimes do occur. It is important to keep yourself and your possessions safe and the bullet points below could help with this:

  • Where you can, plan your route

  • If you can, walk with friends

  • Let someone know where you are going, with who, how you are travelling (by foot/public transport), and when you will be back

  • If travelling by taxi, Hull Cars provide a ‘getting you home’ scheme for Hull Students

  • Consider a personal safety alarm or app, for example Hollie Guard, that can pinpoint your location and send audio/video to your chosen contacts in your phone or set up its SOS emergency features

  • Share your location with housemates and family using Find my Friends or WhatsApp’s live location

  • If you are unable to talk when calling the emergency services, the operator will put you through to the Police Silent Solution system, where an automated message will ask you to press 55 if you need assistance

  • Insure your possessions

  • Do not leave bags or valuables unattended
Mental health crisis support

If you, or someone you know is feeling suicidal, or is exhibiting behaviour that is causing significant alarm and concern, we advise contacting the Mental Health Crisis & Support line (Hull & East Yorkshire) that covers Hull and the East Riding on 0800 138 0990, 24/7.

If you are at home, please contact 999 or 111, or you may find this NHS Mental Health website useful. Resources on Hull and East Yorkshire Mind and Let’s Talk.

Hull University & Health Assured Student Assistance Programme (SAP)

SAP is a confidential programme designed to help you deal with personal or student-related problems. The problems could be affecting your home life, education, health, and general wellbeing. Health Assured have teamed up with University of Hull to provide this service.

SAP supports students experiencing issues such as with anxiety, depression, low mood, relationship issues, sexual and gender identity concerns and exam pressures, homesickness and transition.

SAP is available 24/7 and can be accessed by calling 0800 028 3766 or by downloading the app (available on Android or iOS; access code: MHA 148306).

As a University of Hull Student you can also access My Health Advantage App. Through My Healthy Advantage, you will have access to a range of features, all aimed at improving your health and wellbeing.

These include:

  • Live chat and support
  • Personalised news feed
  • Weekly mood tracker
  • Four-week plans
  • Mini health checks
  • Breathing technique.


Privacy Notice

The Health Assured support line is a separate service offered to students of University of Hull. Health Assured provides a confidential service and the information you discuss with their helpline support workers is not routinely provided to the University unless your health, wellbeing or welfare is judged to be at imminent risk. In these circumstances and where the support worker thinks you need additional support they will seek your consent to share your name and information about their concerns with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team so that they can provide you with further help. In some circumstances where you are not able to provide consent or where you refuse consent, Health Assured may still decide to share relevant information with the University where it is necessary to protect your or another person’s vital interests. This approach is consistent with the University’s student privacy notice which is available in the MyDetails section of the MyHull portal.

Online wellbeing support services

Student Space offers student one-to-one support for whatever challenge you’re facing via 24/7 text support. Whether it’s your mental health, your studies, money, housing or relationships, Student Space is there to support you.

Shout is the UK’s first 24/7 text service, free on all major networks, for anyone who is struggling to cope, anywhere in the UK. It can provide immediate support and help, regardless of location.

Out of hours helplines

Papyrus offer confidential support and advice for young people with thoughts of suicide. The Helpline is available to anyone under the age of 35 who is experiencing thoughts of suicide, or anyone concerned that someone else is thinking about suicide. Contact them by calling 0800 0684141.

The Samaritans offer a place to talk and work through things with people in crisis 24/7 and can be contacted on 116 123 from anywhere in the UK.

Specialist support services

Please note not all these sites have a 24/7 helpline but provide further useful and important information.

For urgent support with regard to sexual violence, please contact the police (999 in an emergency or 101 if there is no immediate danger). The Blue Door and The Survivors Trust provide support and advice, in addition to Galop, RapeCrisis, and SurvivorsUK.

For urgent support with regard to domestic abuse, please contact the police (999 in an emergency or 101 if there is no immediate danger). Refuge have a 24/7 helpline. Hull Domestic Abuse Partnership (Hull DAP) provide local support and advice, in addition to Galop, Hull Women’s Aid, ManKind Initiative, and Men’s Advice Line.