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The School of Law and Politics brings together high-quality and impactful research from two distinct but related discipline areas.

Cutting edge research in the School of Law and Politics is pursued with the aim of enhancing not just scholarly understanding and the learning opportunities of our students; it is intended to benefit society more generally.

Our research has shaped public policy, legal practice and public understanding of legal and political issues. We have research strengths in areas of government and public law at the domestic, European and international levels.

Our research challenges contemporary thinking about migration, welfare and security, globalization, the environment, and human rights. We are concerned with how law and politics can benefit individuals and the common good. This is reflected in our work with WISE, the Institute for Applied Ethics, and the Marine and Maritime Institute.

Institute of Applied Ethics

The Institute of Applied Ethics is the focus of research in applied ethics at the University of Hull. The Institute brings together complementary interests across the university in ways that provide a supportive and creative forum for the development of programmes and projects allowing for the empirical grounding and rigorous theoretical input and interaction necessary to research in applied ethics.

We interpret applied ethics broadly, as the application of ethical considerations, reasons, principles, values and ideals to any policy or practice (personal, social or professional) for the purpose of evaluating that policy or practice on ethical grounds.

Institute Director - Professor Colin Tyler

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Research Groups

The School of Law and Politics is home to a number of other research centres and groups, including:

Centre for British Politics
Dr Matt Beech
Centre for European Union Studies
Professor RĂ¼diger Wurzel
Centre for Idealism and the New Liberalism
Professor James Connelly and Professor Colin Tyler
Centre for Legislative Studies
Lord Norton of Louth
Centre for Political Economy
Dr Simon Lee
Centre for Security Studies
Dr David Lonsdale
Middle East Study Group
Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor
South Asia Project
Dr Bhumitra Chakma
McCoubrey Centre for International Law
Professor Richard Barnes
Institute of European Public Law
Professor Patrick Birkinshaw

Research in the Faculty of Business, Law and Politics

The Faculty of Business, Law and Politics is making a difference everyday with our hands-on, practical research. Our impact is being felt on a global scale.

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