Dr Stella Gonzalez-Arnal

Dr Stella Gonzalez-Arnal

Senior Lecturer

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Business, Law and Politics
  • School of Politics and International Studies


  • BA
  • MA (University of Hull)
  • PhD / DPhil (University of Hull)


I first came to the University of Hull as an undergraduate Erasmus exchange student, an experience which I found immensely rewarding, and I now find myself as the department’s contact for exchange programmes. I would advise anyone to take advantage of such schemes. After I graduated at my home university in Spain, I then came back to Hull as a postgraduate student and completed an MA in Philosophy of Mind and a PhD supervised by Professor Kathleen Lennon. I have also taught philosophy at the Universities of Keele and Leeds.

I teach the following modules:

(400268) The Problems of Philosophy

(500409) Contemporary Epistemology

(500413) Mind, brain and Behavior

(500404) Theorising Gender

(600602) Gender, Science and Knowledge

(600599) Dissertations

Recent outputs

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Embodied selves

Lennon, K., Arnal, S. G., & Jagger, G. (2012). S. Gonzalez-Arnal, K. Lennon, & G. Jagger (Eds.). Embodied selves. London: Palgrave Macmillan. https://doi.org/10.1057/9781137283696

Book Chapter

Are chimeras 'natural'? Disgust, ethics and 'nature'

Gonzalez-Arnal, S. (2015). Are chimeras ‘natural’? Disgust, ethics and ‘nature’. In A. D. Ornella (Ed.), Making Humans: Religious, Technological and Aesthetic Perspectives (107-127). Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press

'Justicia Epistemologica: Escuchando al Sur'

Gonzalez-Arnal, S. (2014). ‘Justicia Epistemologica: Escuchando al Sur’. In M. Rifà Valls, L. Duarte Campderrós, & M. Ponferrada Arteaga (Eds.), Nuevos desafíos para la inclusión social y la equidad en instituciones de educación superior (296-308). Barcelona: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Interseccionalidad y diversidad: en defensa de un modelo de an lisis categorial no opresivo que respeta la diferencia

Gonzalez-Arnal, S. (2014). Interseccionalidad y diversidad: en defensa de un modelo de análisis categorial no opresivo que respeta la diferencia. . The University of Hull

Journal Article

Contextualizing rationality: Mature student carers and higher education in England

Gonzalez-Arnal, S., & Kilkey, M. (2009). Contextualizing rationality: Mature student carers and higher education in England. Feminist economics, 15(1), 85-111. https://doi.org/10.1080/13545700802528323

Research interests

My main areas of research are Gender Theory, Intersectionality, Feminism and the Philosophy of Education.

Postgraduate supervision

I am happy to consider supervision in a range of philosophical topics, as well as those with an interdisciplinary theme, and not just those directly related to my own research interests.

Current PhD

-Toward an African Philosophy of Education, Blessing Chapfika

Completed PhDs

- Cognitive Science and Phenomenology : Varela's 'new science of consciousness' at the system-theoretical crossroads, Thomas Karl Feldges, University of Hull, 2016

- The Second Sex : a Marxist interpretation, Angela Shepherd, University of Hull, 2015

- The Plurality of Truth, Mehdi Nassaji, University of Hull, 2014