Centre for War Studies

David Lonsdale
Faculty of Business, Law and Politics
Dr David Lonsdale
Senior Lecturer/ Programme Director, BA War Studies/ Programme Director, MA Strategy and International Security

The Challenge

To understand the nature of war and strategy, and provide guidance on best practice in these critical socio-political activities through the publication and promotion of research.

The Approach

The Centre for War Studies conducts research on war and strategy, taking a theoretical and historical approach to help inform the contemporary and future practice of these critical socio-political activities.

The impact

Centre for War Studies staff provide guidance and advice to the military and security services and those responsible for defence and security policy by:

  • Organising and undertaking research and learning projects relating to the discipline.
  • Publication and dissemination of research
  • Public policy engagement
  • Facilitating greater public and student learning and engagement in matters pertaining to war and strategy through public guest lectures with leading academics and professionals.
  • Providing and exchanging knowledge and information on matters of war and security to the public through media.
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  • To enhance understanding on the nature of war and strategy through Centre events and publications
  • To provide guidance on best practice in war and strategy to professional stakeholders
  • Support undergraduate and graduate study and research in war and strategy
  • Establish and develop an international network of fellows.


The Common Good: Ethics & Rights in Cyber Security (ESRC funded)

Handling and Communicating Intelligence Information (OCSA funded)

Mapping and Defining Cyber Campaigns

Understanding Joint All Domain Operations


War Studies Seminar Series

We host regular seminars, and past speakers and topics have included the following.

Winning: An Application of Cybernetics to the Design of C2 as Performance Management

Politics Research Seminar: 'Contested Space and Space Policy – challenges and opportunities'

  • Polly Low
  • Antoine Bousquet
  • Viktorya Fedorchak
  • Peter Dudley
  • James Cook
  • Malcolm Davis

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Previous Events

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Outputs and publications

David J. Lonsdale & Thomas Kane, Understanding Contemporary Strategy

David J. Lonsdale, et al., Understanding Modern Warfare,

Christopher Martin, The UK as a Medium Maritime Power in the 21st Century

David J. Lonsdale, ‘The Ethics of Cyber Attack: Pursuing Legitimate Security and the Common Good in Contemporary Conflict Scenarios’, Journal of Military Ethics, 

David J. Lonsdale, ‘The 2018 Nuclear Posture Review: A Return to Warfighting?’, Comparative Strategy,

David J. Lonsdale & Maria JMDS Lonsdale, ‘Handling and Communicating Intelligence Information: a Conceptual, Historical and Information Design Analysis’, Intelligence & National Security, 

David J. Lonsdale, ‘Warfighting for Cyber Deterrence: A Strategic and Moral Imperative’, Philosophy and Technology

David J. Lonsdale, ‘We aren’t in a cyber war – despite what Britain’s top general thinks’, The Conversation,

David J. Lonsdale, ‘Colin S. Gray, A Reminiscence’, War on the Rocks,

Research Students

Philip Mayne

Military Ethics in Counterinsurgency

Dr Lonsdale

Henry Moore

Special Forces in the Ancient World

Dr Lonsdale

Guy Edwards

Armoured Warfare: The Process of Learning

Dr Lonsdale

Angie Hesham Abdo Ahmed Mahmoud

Red Star over the South China Sea

Dr Martin