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16 October 2022
Industry and Academia come together to discuss the Transition to Clean Energy at the annual Aura CDT Conference
Accelerating a net zero future

Building a sustainable and carbon free future


Powerful partnerships

We’re working collectively with partners and industry to seek sustainable solutions for the future of our planet.   Our Energy & Environment Institute,  Aura consortium and THYME collaboration are leading efforts to tackle global environmental resilience and energy sustainability, while our industry-leading Aura Innovation Centre combines research expertise and innovation knowhow to enable businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

 The UK's Energy Estuary

Through our Waterline partnership, we are giving the Humber, the UK's Energy Estuary, a global relevance by working together to develop the region as a demonstrator of a zero carbon economy.

Eradicating health inequalities

Working to give everyone the same level of healthcare and treatment  

Other research themes

Social Justice
William Wilberforce statue