Institute for Clinical and Applied Health Research

Transforming lives through world-leading research

Our vision is to work closely with our partners, including the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, as well as with patients, families and carers, to make a real difference to healthcare and wellbeing.

The challenge

With an ageing population, chronic diseases are reaching epidemic proportions. More people are living with multiple conditions, such as cancer, heart disease and dementia, which significantly affect their lives and reduce their life expectancy.

The size of the challenge is huge. Our role is to help find an integrated response to the physical, mental and social needs of these patients and their families, and also to the way that ill health disproportionately affects deprived sectors of the community.

We address the factors that influence disease, such as poverty, obesity, smoking, alcohol and physical inactivity, as well as tackling lifelong health issues from teenage pregnancy to diabetes, and from breathlessness to arthritis. We also deliver research to improve care in advanced illness, including palliative and end of life care.

Our aims

Transform the lives of patients and families by improving their health

Older and younger man training in a gym

Reduce social and health inequalities in access to treatment and care

homeless man with dog on street

Promote and build a research culture based on innovation


Recruit and retain the best research staff and support a vibrant postgraduate community

Group photograph of ICAHR staff