Pooling resources to net logistical confidence

The Liverpool-Humber Optimisation of Freight Transport (LHOFT) project brings together shared expertise from the ports, rail and logistics industries to make new routes a viable alternative for cargo owners.

Led by our Logistics Institute and P&O Ferries, with input from Unilever as a major cargo holder, the project involves not only the two key port operators at either end of the M62 but also experts from the rail industry and academics. The study will look at how long-distance trade could be diverted from north-south road routes to ports to alternate routes linking the east and west of England instead.

Technology being developed by the University will enable cargo owners to pool volumes - removing a significant barrier to major cargo owners using ports in the North.

Cargo flows that could benefit from this end-to-end cross-country journey model include ferry services to the continent and all container services where the origin or destination of the cargo is on the M62 corridor.

The project is unique in that it combines the strength of major cargo owners (Unilever, Uniparts, KraftHeinz and Nestlé) and key port operators (ABP, Stena Line and P&O Ferries) with experts from the rail industry (DB Freight and GB Rail Freight).

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