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Driving innovation in low carbon energy

From offshore wind to solar power, we are collaborating with key industry experts to deliver multidisciplinary research into low carbon alternatives that will help lower costs and transform the supply of energy worldwide.


Climate change and flood resilience

From the Humber to the Mekong, our research helps better predict coastal, estuarine and river flood risk in the UK and globally; building flood resilience, shaping safer global communities and improving livelihoods.


Reducing the demand for single-use plastics

Building on a strong track record in the area of plastics research, the University of Hull’s Plastics Collaboratory forms a diverse team of academics combining a broad range of expertise.


Improving care, support and outcomes for cancer patients

Capitalising on some of Britain’s finest facilities, the brightest researchers and partnerships with leading charities, we're making a real difference to care and outcomes for people with cancer.

Plastic Citizen

Giving people and communities a voice

We are ensuring that people and communities, particularly those who are disadvantaged or disengaged, are enabled to have their voices heard about issues that are impacting upon their lives.

Social justice

Promoting Social Justice

Our influential research is helping governments, businesses and communities reduce social injustices. Through our research and practice, we provide the tools needed to share a fairer future.

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Heritage and Creative Industries

Our researchers work in partnership with leading names in the creative, cultural and heritage sectors, delivering insights that impact global audiences.

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