Scarborough and North Yorkshire Children's University

Working together to remove barriers to progression, ensuring that every child can realise their potential.

Children's University Scarborough and North Yorkshire

The Scarborough & North Yorkshire Children’s University is run by our Scarborough-based outreach team in designated primary-aged schools.

Participants in the scheme have their ‘Passport to Learning’ stamped for undertaking self-directed learning.  Successful completion of a set number of ‘learning hours’ leads to the award of certificates at a special ‘graduation’ ceremony each summer.  In 2019-20, 380 young people ‘graduated’ in this way.

The programme has been running in its current form in Scarborough since 2014, and has worked with over 5000 primary pupils and over 8000 parents from 19 schools in Scarborough, Whitby, Filey, Malton and Ryedale. 

 Working in partnership with: local businesses, Museums & Galleries, Theatres, and the Borough Council; Scarborough & NY Children’s University have validated 80+ ‘Learning Destinations’ and countless learning activities, and after-school-clubs, to help children to complete their Passport to Learning.

 “The CU is about inspiring young people to become eager, independent learners: it’s the University of Fun!  Participants start to realise that learning takes place everywhere, not just in a classroom.  It also helps youngsters find the hidden strengths and talents they didn’t realise they had.”   Richard Adams, Scarborough & North Yorkshire Children’s University Manager.

Further information about the national scheme can be found at childrensuniversity.co.uk

Keep up to date with our local work at: 

If you would like to find out more, please contact Richard Adams at childrensuniscar@hull.ac.uk