Children's University Scarborough

Inspiring young people to become eager, independent learners

Children's University Scarborough

The Children’s University (CU) is a national charitable scheme which aims to raise children’s confidence, attainment and aspirations by rewarding them for trying new experiences and gaining new skills. It does this by encouraging children to take part in learning activities outside of normal class times, both inside and outside school.

The Scarborough Children’s University is run by Richard Adams on behalf of the University of Hull as part of its ongoing commitment to outreach and aspiration-raising in North Yorkshire.

Participants receive a ‘Passport to Learning,’ via their school, in which they collect stamps, stickers or signatures from both their schools, and from participating partner organisations – known as Learning Destinations.

Once children collect enough ‘learning hours’ in their passports, they attend their very own graduation ceremony – complete with scarlet cap and gown - at the end of year 6.   This year the ceremony will take place the Grand Hall at Scarborough Spa Complex.

In-school activities could include lunch-time and after-school clubs, or taking part in volunteering, buddying, mentoring and school council activities.  New expert clubs and activities are being brought into schools through the Children’s University including in critical STEM subjects.

Out-of-school activities are provided by a diverse range of validated ‘Learning Destinations’, such as Scarborough Museums and Galleries, NYCC Library Services, activity days hosted by Yorkshire Coast Homes, outdoor activities with The National Trust, drama through The Stephen Joseph Theatre, science and geology with Hidden Horizons and many more.

“The CU is all about inspiring young people to become eager, independent learners: it’s the University of Fun!  Those who take part start to realise that learning takes place everywhere, not just in a classroom.  It also helps youngsters find the hidden strengths and talents they didn’t realise they had.  Our efforts have initially been focussed on schools in areas of high disadvantage but ultimately I’d like to see every primary school in the North Yorkshire involved and we have already expanded into Ryedale.”  - Richard Adams, Scarborough Children’s University Manager.

Further information can be found at www.childrensuniversity.co.uk

…and by visiting the Scarborough Children’s University Facebook page and Twitter.