Mike Lind HYMS UNI-2877

Professor Michael Lind

Foundation Professor of Oncology/ Head of the Joint Centre for Cancer Studies

Faculty of Health Sciences


01482 461236

Professor Michael Lind has been involved in medical oncology for the last 35 years, 25 years as a

His major research interests are in Lung Cancer amd mesothelioma. He chairs the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service lung group for Public Health England.


Research Interests

  • Symptom control

  • Dignity

  • Family

  • Choice

  • Advanced planning

  • Dissemination of knowledge

  • Best practice

Research groups

  • Public Health England

  • British Lung Foundation

  • Yorkshire Cancer Research

  • Pharmaceutical industry


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TATARU, D., JACK, R. H., LIND, M. J., MOLLER, H. & LUCHTENBORG, M. 2015, 'The Effect of Emergency Presentation on Surgery and Survival in Lung Cancer Patients in England', 2006-2008. Cancer Epidemiol, 39, 612-6.

LUCHTENBORG, M., RIAZ, S. P., LIM, E., PAGE, R., BALDWIN, D. R., JAKOBSEN, E., VEDSTED, P., LIND, M., PEAKE, M. D., MELLEMGAARD, A., SPICER, J., LANG-LAZDUNSKI, L. & MOLLER, H. 2014, 'Survival of Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer Undergoing Lung Resection in England', 1998-2009. Thorax, 69, 269-73.

LUCHTENBORG, M., RIAZ, S. P., COUPLAND, V. H., LIM, E., JAKOBSEN, E., KRASNIK, M., PAGE, R., LIND, M. J., PEAKE, M. D. & MOLLER, H. 2013, 'High Procedure Volume is Strongly Associated with Improved Survival after Lung Cancer Surgery', Journal of Clinical Oncology, 31, 3141-6.

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Full list


Research PhDs

Lung and breast cancer, oncogeriatrics, mesothelioma

 Completed PhDs 

10 PhDs
2 MDs

Current PhD Supervisor 

1 PhD
1 MD

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • Bsc (Hons) 1978

  • MB BS 1981

  • MRCP 1984

  • MD 1990

  • FRCP 1997

Awards and accolades

Bronze national Clinical Excellence Award​

Professional highlights

Developing cancer services in East Yorkshire, oncogeriatrics and translational research.