Dr Dean Clay

Lecturer in History

Faculty and Department

  • Faculty of Arts Cultures and Education
  • School of Humanities


Dr Dean Clay recently joined the University of Hull as a Lecturer in History. He has previously taught at Liverpool John Moores University, Newcastle University, and the University of Northumbria.

Dean is a Committee Member and Website Editor of the research networks 'International History and Diplomacy' (see and the 'North East Transnational and World History Research Centre' (see https://www. He was also a Committee Member of the European research project 'The Congo Free State Across Language, Culture, Media' which ran from 2015-18, and is still Website Editor for the associated website (see


Human Worlds (Year 1)

Shamans, Priests, and Witches (Year 2)

Interactions and Exchanges: The Roots of Globalisation (Year 2)

History Group Project (Year 2)


Practising History

Memory, Meaning and History

Research interests

Dean completed his PhD from Liverpool John Moores University in 2019, with a thesis on American activism and the transnational dimensions of the Congo reform movement. His research interests are in the field of activism, particularly on movements and organisations whose activities transcend national boundaries, with a specific focus on how activists coordinate and the impact of their activism on government domestic and foreign policy.