Adobe Connect

About Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is special software used to facilitate online teaching and meetings. The Skills Team use Adobe Connect for all of our workshops (webinars) and appointments. It allows us to share files and demonstrate things on our screens via video stream. We can connect our audio and webcam so you can see and hear us. You can ask questions by typing or connecting your own microphone. 

Adobe Connect is really easy to use. The following page is designed to overview everything you need to know:


To use Adobe Connect, you will need access to a computer (Windows or macOS), a tablet (Android, Amazon or Apple) or mobile phone (Android or Apple). To get ready for the session, you will need to install a program or app (see links below).

At a minimum, your device will need speakers or headphones. Most devices have these built in. 

For workshops - you only need audio. You need to be able to hear the adviser and can ask questions by typing.

For appointments - you only need audio, but your experience may be enhanced with a microphone and webcam. This will allow more natural conversation with the adviser. If you do not have a microphone or webcam, this does not matter as you can still type questions to the adviser. 


Taking part

To take part, five minutes before the appointment or workshop (webinar) is due to start, all you need to do is click the link in the email to start Adobe Connect. If your are using a tablet or mobile device, you will need to copy and paste the link from the email into the Adobe Connect App which you will need to download (see below). 


Downloads required to use Adobe Connect:

If you intend to join via your home computer (Windows or macOS), you will need to install the Adobe Connect application

If you intend to join via your phone or tablet, please install the Adobe Connect app via Google Play, the Apple App store, or Amazon (for Kindle Fire). You will need to enter the session link at the top of this email into your app to join. 


Testing your computer:

The Meeting Connection Diagnostic Tool. ensures that your computer and network connections are verified to provide you with the best possible Adobe Connect meeting experience. The diagnostic test checks the following:

  1. Clear connection to Adobe Connect
  2. Bandwidth availability
  3. Latest Adobe Connect application for desktop