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We are moving content from our Hydra repository (hydra.hull.ac.uk) to new repositories.

PhD and other postgraduate theses can now be browsed on the University of Hull Research Repository.

Or, search all print and electronic Hull theses below



Exam papers

All exam papers have now been moved to the new exam papers webpage (University of Hull login required).

Journal articles

All journal articles on Hydra have now been moved to the University of Hull Research Repository.

Domesday dataset

The files and raw metadata of the Domesday dataset can be viewed at the Domesday dataset's temporary home

Vietnamese Mekong Delta data files

A collection of data files from studies on the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.

Below are links to the datasets' temporary home where you can retrieve raw metadata and file attachments (e.g. ZIP files and Excel spreadsheets):

There is a related open-access article available at: https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-9326/ac06fc

Other Hydra content

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