What are databases?

The Library buys subscriptions to hundreds of databases that are made available to University of Hull students and staff through the library website. 

The databases typically contain journal articles, but might also hold legal cases, statistical datasets, news archives, videos, geological maps, and much more.


How to access them

You can look up lists of databases on the databases: A-Z / by subject page.

You will find it easier if you connect to databases through the library website. The links have been thoroughly tested both on and off-campus, and most of the links will automatically identify you as a member of the University of Hull.


Are they included in the library search?

The library's databases: A-Z / by subject pages will also tell you whether the contents of the database are in the main library search.

As you will see, many databases have to be searched separately, or you might find it easier to focus on the information held in one database rather than use the 'general purpose' library search.