Connecting from off-campus

A new, simpler method of accessing library eBooks, eJournals, and other electronic materials from off-campus has been introduced (February 2021).

Start your search on the Library homepage

Everything found through the library website has been configured to make access on and off-campus as easy as possible.

Everything you find in the library search, and all our databases, can be accessed anywhere using just your university user ID / email address and password.

As you view electronic articles and eBooks you may occasionally see a University of Hull sign-on screen and be asked to log in. That's all you'll need to do.

Even if the website displaying the journal article or eBook has a 'login' link, you should find that you've automatically been logged in already and are able to download the full text of the article or eBook.

How the log in screens look

There are two possible log-in screens you'll see. They look very similar, and ask for the same university user ID / email address and password.



Is it really that easy?

Yes, almost. There's a tiny number of databases and e-journals that need a different username and password, or have to be located in a particular IT lab. You will see a note if you are trying to connect to one of them.

Do I still need to use the web proxy?

No! We used to ask you to configure your web browser to use a 'web proxy' in order to access all electronic materials from off-campus. This can now be removed from your browser settings.

See support article on configuring the web proxy in order to remove it.

Something not working?

The Library provides access to millions of electronic journal articles and eBooks so it's inevitable things will go wrong from time to time. If something isn't working please contact the Library.