Donations Policy

1. Thank you for considering donating materials to the University of Hull Library. When you offer us items we consider them in relation to our collections policy and our current collections.

2. All donations are subject to the University Librarian’s discretion. The Library is always obliged to consider the space available in the building together with the resource required to accept items into stock, to store and manage those items in future. Please note that unsolicited items sent to the Library without prior agreement will not be added to stock.

3. The Library will consider donations which add value to current research activity. University Researchers are urged to contact the Library to discuss any potential donations before any commitment can be made. Unsolicited donations cannot be accepted.

4. The Library will also consider rare material that will enhance the established special collections that are housed in the Brynmor Jones Library and University Institutes. They are –

a)    Maritime History

b)    Slavery and Emancipation

c)    The poet, Philip Larkin and other literary figures associated with Hull

d)    Material generally related to Hull

e)    Brynmor Jones Collection containing c300 intellectual landmarks or finely produced books published between 1890 and 1940

f)     Books associated with our archive collections held at Hull History Centre

g)    South East Asia

h)    South Asia

i)     British Labour History

j)     German Expressionist Literature

Our print and digital Archive collections are held at the Hull History Centre and are covered by a separate acquisition policy.

5. The Library works in close collaboration with academic staff to ensure all students have equitable and appropriate access to learning materials. Donations of undergraduate texts are therefore unlikely to be added to stock. 

6. In line with changes in the academic publishing environment, the material purchased by the Library is increasing digital rather than print in format. It is envisaged that the format of future donations may follow that trend. The Library manages the University’s secure repository and we are open to receiving digital donations in different file formats that comply with our collections development priorities and copyright legislation. Please contact us if you wish to discuss digital donations.


Appendix: Donations code of practice

Normally donations are dealt with using the following process:

     I.        The Library, in consultation with the appropriate academic departments of the University, will select from a list of the works being offered, drawn up by the prospective donor;

    II.        It may be possible for a representative of the Library to visit the donor and make an on-site selection;

   III.        In the case of small collections, it may be possible for the Library to accept all items on offer, and make the selection once the items have reached the Library, consulting with the relevant academic departments as appropriate.  Donors should contact the Library prior to sending any material;

   IV.        If required, the donor will be sent a formal acknowledgement of receipt immediately after the collection has been transferred to the Library;

    V.        The Library reserves the right to decide how to dispose of unwanted material, which may include by sale, by donation to another institution, or by discard.  Alternatively, unwanted material will be returned to the donor if this is requested at the time of donation;

   VI.        Items retained for addition to Library stock will be accessioned, catalogued and classified by subject according to the rules and procedures used by the Library; in particular, material will not be housed together as a collection, but will be dispersed according to subject.  A suitably-worded bookplate will be inserted in each print book if this is the wish of the donor;

  VII.       Once added to stock, donated items may require conservation or repair; if this is necessary, they will be conserved to a standard matching that applied to the Library’s purchased items.  However, the Library cannot guarantee that any items added to library stock will be retained in perpetuity.  The Library accordingly reserves the right to withdraw donations from stock using the same criteria as are applied to purchased material, and to dispose of them in the most appropriate way;

   VIII.        If you would like to donate any items to the library please complete this form