Code of Conduct for Associate Members and Day Visitors of the Library


This code of conduct has been formulated to provide a clear statement of the University Library at the University of Hull. It aims to provide guidance to all members of staff and affiliates about what we deem acceptable for Associate members and Day visitors at the University Library. It is to encourage us all to consider our own actions in the context of our Library community and provide protection of the health, safety, property, welfare of individuals, abiding by laws and regulations within the United Kingdom.


Scope and Definitions

This code of conduct applies to all approved users of the Library as an Associate member or Day visitor. The term ‘Associate member’ refers to all categories in which access is assessed; qualified teachers, administrators or inspectors within local education authorities, NHS trust, retired staff, individuals seeking sanctuary and any deemed to meet ‘other’ criteria where a justification on use of the Library has been approved. The term ‘Day visitor’ refers to a member of the public who has been approved access for a day into the Library. In applying to be a Library Associate member or Day visitor, individuals are required to follow the Library Regulations and to behave in a manner which reflects the University values


Conduct of members

Associate members and Day visitors shall conduct themselves towards all other members, staff of the library, and all students and staff of the University of Hull in a manner which is deemed to be acceptable and in line with Library regulations.


  • Review own actions with accountability, honesty and integrity.
  • Respect others, being considerate, courteous and appreciate diversity.
  • Maintain appropriate relationships.
  • Report suspicious actions to a member of Library staff.
  • Comply with Library regulations and Health and Safety requirements.
  • Conduct yourself in such a way as to not bring into disrepute the University Library or University of Hull.

Behaviour (physical, sexual, abusive) which is deemed to be unacceptable shall include but not be limited to discriminatory, offensive, defamatory, distressing, aggressive, threatening, coercive, intimidating behaviours. It also includes any behaviour which causes disruption, such as excessive noise or offensive language, or intentional damage to library property or the taking of property.

Any Associate Member or Day visitor who fails to comply with the provisions of this code of conduct shall be subject to a review of access and usage rights by Library Management, which could include withdrawal of membership or withdrawal of all continuing access as deemed necessary. Any behaviour not deemed to be acceptable that is not specifically covered by this code of conduct shall be referred to Library management, who shall determine the best course of action. Appeals to courses of action taken can be made to the University Librarian: any appeal decisions made by the University Librarian will be final.

Visitors using the SCONUL Access scheme are expected to follow the same Code of Conduct. Any decision to withdraw privileges and ban a user from this scheme lies with the home library and with advice from the local SCONUL representative. 


Version 1 - May 2023

Authors - Kathryn McIlveen/Rachel Welch

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