Floor closures - Summer 2024

Lighting replacement

As part of the University’s drive to Carbon Neutrality, the current internal lighting in the University Library will be upgraded to LED fittings. This is a substantial project and certain areas of our building will be unavailable whilst work is being carried out for the next few months.

Closure schedule

  • 7th floor - unavailable from 10th June to 28th June
  • 6th floor -  unavailable from 1st July to 8th July
  • 5th floor - unavailable from 9th July to 16th July
  • 4th floor - unavailable from 17th July to 31st July
  • 3rd floor - unavailable from 1st August to 16th August
  • 2nd floor - unavailable from 19th August to 28th August
  • Reading Room Mezzanine - unavailable from 29th August to 4th September
  • 1st floor - unavailable from 5th September to 17th September
  • Ground floor - unavailable from 18th September to 26th September

Please note that Group Learning Rooms and other study spaces in those areas will also be unavailable during these dates.