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Inside the UK and need a visa to complete my existing programme

Follow the steps below to obtain your Tier 4 student visa to study at the University of Hull.

1. Overview

If you have been granted an academic extension, repeat year or are required to undertake re-sit examinations and your current Tier 4 visa expires before the expected end date of the further period of study, you may be able to extend your visa in the UK. It will depend on whether you continue to meet current academic and immigration requirements.

For further information, please contact us.

2. Prepare your visa supporting documents

If you can make your next visa application in the UK, you must apply before you current visa expires. Start preparing your documents in good time to avoid any delays and/or refusal.  Please check our guidance on what documents to prepare in support your visa application.

3. Request a new CAS number

How to request your new CAS statement

If you need to make a new Tier 4 visa application to finish your course, please complete a CAS request form, which is available online or from the Central Hub (1st Floor, Student Central).

When you have completed the form you will need to hand it in at the Central HUB and make a payment of £21.00 using the University’s online order and payment portal. Your new CAS request will be processed by the visa compliance team

4. Receive your new CAS

If your new CAS is issued, it will be emailed to your University and personal email addresses. It will also be emailed to the international engagement team so that they have a copy should you require their assistance when submitting your visa application.  Your CAS will be valid for a single visa application and has to be used within 6 months of being issued.

Check your CAS statement is correct

Please check your CAS email as soon as you receive it. Please ensure that all of the information is correct, including your personal, fees and course details.If you paid some or all of your tuition or accommodation fees to the University, and this information is incorrect or does not appear on your CAS, please contact our visa compliance team as soon as possible and before you make your visa application.

5. Date of your Tier 4 online application

The date of your visa application is the date you submit it and pay your visa fee online. You must submit your visa application before your current visa expires. It is important that you have all the relevant documents in place before your complete your online visa application.

Please click apply now at the bottom of UKVI webpage to start your Tier 4 online application.

Once you create your application, UKVI will send you an email with a link. Please remember to verify your email address if you receive UKVI verification email. You do not have to complete all of your application at once and can log back into it via the link sent to you by UKVI.

Tier 4 online visa application has 6 sections. Please only complete Sections 1 and 2 if you would like your application and documents to be checked by our immigration team.

6. Application and documents check

When you prepare all of your documents and complete Sections 1 and 2 of your online visa application, please contact our immigration team to request a Tier 4 application and document checking appointment. Please quote your name and student number and allow us at least few days to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

Please bring all of your documents, your laptop/ tablet and your log-in details for your application and document checking appointment.

If you plan to apply for your new visa without our assistance, please email a copy of Tier 4 checklist to our visa compliance team as evidence that you made your new visa application before your current visa expired.

7. Submit your visa application

Once your documents are ready, you can submit your online visa application and arrange an appointment to provide UKVI with your documents and biometric details. We will be happy to guide you through this process during your Tier 4 application and document checking appointment.

8. Pay for the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

If, as a result of your visa application, you will be staying in the UK for 6 months or more, you will need to pay a healthcare charge.

You will be automatically directed to a website to check your details and to pay your IHS charge as part of your online Tier 4 visa application. Please ensure that all your details are correct. Current IHS fee is £300 per year of your intended stay in UK. The total amount payable will be based on the full length of your visa which is usually longer than the length of your programme of study.

You will be allocated an IHS reference number that should appear on your document Tier 4 checklist.

9. Complete your Tier 4 visa application process

There are three ways to submit your Tier 4 visa application depending on how quickly you want UKVI to process it.

Standard Service– it could take up to 8 weeks for UKVI to decide your visa application. Current fee is £494.20 and includes biometric enrolment fee.

Priority Service – a decision is usually reached within 5 to 10 working days. Current cost is £972.20 and includes biometric enrolment fee.

Super Priority Service – UKVI decision is expected the next working day following your appointment (in most cases). Current fee is £1104.20 inclusive of biometric enrolment fee.

Depending on the time of the day and the type of the UKVCAS service point centre (UK Visa & Citizenship Application Services)  you choose, there may be additional costs between £60 to £125 (appointment fee) and travel to/from this centre.

You can choose to upload your documents before your visa appointment. Alternatively, documents in support of your Tier 4 visa application will be uploaded during this appointment.

Your biometric details will also be enrolled during your visa application appointment.

Whichever service you choose, please remember to follow the online instructions, download and print your Tier 4 Document checklist and your appointment confirmation and take these together with all the documents listed on your Tier 4 checklist to your visa application appointment.

UKVI may contact you during your visa application process by email or letter if they need further information from you. If you receive any emails or letters from UKVI and not sure what action to take, please contact our immigration team as soon as possible.

10. Credibility Interview

You may be interviewed by the UKVI (Home Office) as part of your visa application process in the UK. The purpose of the interview is to check whether you are a genuine student and have a sufficient level of English.

You may be asked questions about your programme of study, funding, your education or employment history, future plans, and other relevant topics.

The Home Office may send you an email or letter asking you to attend your interview. You may be asked to submit an interview confirmation form prior to attendance. Please ensure that you check your emails on a regular basis (inbox and junk or spam folders). You could be interviewed in person or by Skype.

It is important to answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge as you may be refused a visa if the Immigration Officer finds that you are not a genuine student or your English is not good enough. Please contact our immigration team with details of your interview if you need further assistance.

11. Receive your new BRP (visa)

If your visa application is successful, UKVI would normally email you to confirm that you have been granted a visa to continue your studies with us and that your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) will follow shortly.  Please check this letter carefully for any conditions attached to your new visa.

Your new BRP will be sent to you by courier one week or so following their email notification.

When you receive your BRP:

  • Check your BRP card to ensure that all of the details are correct. If there are any errors, please contact our immigration team for further assistance.
  • Take your new BRP to the Central Hub  to be scanned.
  • Comply with conditions of your new visa as per UKVI decision letter.
  • If you are required to register with the police or already have  a Police Registration Certificate, please make arrangements to obtain it or to update your existing certificate.

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