Hull e-Mentoring Programme

The University of Hull e-Mentoring Programme aims to develop students’ confidence and awareness of career options, whilst helping with the transition from student into the professional workplace or into self-employment.

Our e-Mentors offer their support on a voluntary basis and are from a range of roles and organisations. They are there to provide advice, personal insight and an opportunity for students to ask questions about the workplace and their career.


Benefits of e-Mentoring

• Making more informed career choices
• Clarifying your career goals & careers of interest
• Widening your professional network of contacts
• Developing skills such as communication & time management
• Demonstrating a positive approach to self-development to potential employers
• Developing a better understanding of the recruitment and selection process within sectors and employers of interest

Current students

Further information about e-Mentoring can be found under ‘Resources’ on our Opportunities platform. 

To apply to take part in e-mentoring over the coming academic year, complete our online registration form available here.

Please provide as much detail as possible on the registration form to help us match you accordingly and to demonstrate your commitment to taking part. 

Should you have any further questions please contact us at mentoring@hull.ac.uk