After you've applied

Our pages include information for international students

If you’ve applied through UCAS, you’ll be able to check on the progress of your application through UCAS Track. You can start doing this after you’ve received your welcome email. Further information about Track and how to login to Track is available on the UCAS website.

After you’ve applied, keep a look out for a notification for an update on the progress of your application. There are different types of offers you may receive from us.

Conditional offer

If you receive a conditional offer from us – this is great news! For most people, this means waiting for results day to see if your exam results meet the conditions of the offer. Conditional offers will usually be in the form of total UCAS tariff points.

If you’re applying for deferred entry, you’ll still need to meet any offer conditions by 31 August – unless previously agreed with us. If you have winter exams earlier in the year, you may get earlier dates you have to meet your conditions by.

Unconditional offer

If you receive an unconditional offer from us – congratulations! This means you have met the entry requirements and secured your place. You’ll still need to double check the offer to see if there’s anything else you need to do. This could be in the form of a DBS check, providing proof of your qualifications, or meeting any financial/medical requirements.

Unsuccessful or withdrawn choices

A withdrawn application means the course choice has been withdrawn either by you, or us – the reason will show in UCAS Track.

An unsuccessful application means you have not been offered a place. If there is no feedback on UCAS, you can contact us about the decision.

Applicant days

If you've applied to Hull and received an offer, you'll be sent an invitation to an applicant day. It's a great opportunity to find out more about your course in detail. You'll be able to speak with the professors, lecturers and current students, as well as see all of the facilities, labs and lecture theatres.

To help you make an informed choice about your study, we offer Applicant Day Travel Grants if you live more than 20 miles away from campus.

Replying to your offer

Once you’ve received all of your decisions, you’ll be able to log in to UCAS Track to reply.

Firm acceptance

If you have an unconditional offer from us, and make us your firm choice, you have secured your place with us. If you have a conditional offer, the place is yours if you meet the conditions of your offer.

Insurance acceptance

An insurance choice is usually an offer with lower entry requirements, as a back-up if you don’t meet the conditions of your firm choice. You’ll only attend your insurance choice if you don’t meet the requirements of your firm, but meet the conditions of your insurance.

Make sure you’re happy with both choices, as you’ll have to decline any other offers.

What to do on results day

Sign into UCAS Track to view the decision and see if you've been accepted. Even if you don't quite get the results you were expecting, you may still be offered a place, so try not to panic. If no decisions are showing, give us a call and we'll be able to give you more information.

If you haven't been successful in getting a place, you can search through Clearing to see which courses still have vacancies.

Part-time courses

After you've submitted your application, we'll be in touch with the next stages of the process. You may be invited to take part in an interview, this could be over the phone, or in person on campus. You may need to provide proof of any qualifications on your application, and you'll receive full details of anything else we need once we process your application.