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Interviews, auditions and portfolios

For certain courses, you may be asked to attend an interview, audition, or prepare a portfolio. We’ve created a list of hints and tips to help you through the process.

Our pages include information for international students


Although it sounds obvious, make sure you’re aware of what’s involved on the day to give you an idea of what you need to prepare for beforehand.

Before an interview, make sure you read your personal statement again, as you might need to expand on some of the points you made. We’d also recommend you look at your course again in detail, so you can talk about what it is that interests you.  Showing general knowledge about your subject, and discussing your future ambitions are also a great way of showing passion for your course.

Remember, an interview or audition isn’t just about us deciding whether you’re right for us. It’s an opportunity for you to ask us questions as well, to help you make the right decision.


Whether it’s going over questions that might come up in interview, or your audition performance – practicing will help you feel less nervous on the day.

Make the most out of the day

Double check what time your interview or audition is due to start and finish. Aside from making sure you arrive in plenty of time, it’s also a great excuse to have a look around the campus, speak to current students, or get a feel for the city.

Portfolio advice

If you have been asked to bring a portfolio with you, this is an opportunity to showcase your best work. Make sure you select pieces of work that you can discuss in detail, including the research behind it, your creative process, and what inspired you. 

International applicants

Interviews cannot be used instead of a formal language test for those needing a Tier 4 visa for study but may be used as an additional means to evaluate listening and speaking skills.

This may be used to decide on the length of pre-sessional English course required. Where this is applied a record of the interview must be kept.