Gemma Ansell

P2P prevention of secondary teenage pregnancy

A novel approach to help tackle unplanned second pregnancy in teenage mothers

The Challenge

Our challenge: teenage pregnancy is a significant health issue in the UK. A particular issue is unplanned second pregnancy in teenage mothers. Interventions to reduce these occurrences are important health strategies.

The Approach

Our approach: this study evaluated a novel, nurse led, home based sexual health service delivered by NHS sexual health nurses. Teenage mothers are referred to the P2P service and then receive a home visit by a nurse. They are offered advice and contraception.

The Impact

Our impact: this type of service is well received by new teen mothers. It appears to have an impact by increasing uptakes of contraception and reducing the likelihood of a further unplanned pregnancy. The contact with nurses also helps the young women to discuss other sexual health and relationship concerns. These teen mothers are unlikely to attend mainstream health services so the P2P service addresses a significant unmet health need among teenage mothers.

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