Laplacian Magic Windows

Opening up a new regime in free-form optics.

The Challenge

Our challenge: free-form optics is a growing field but manufacture of arbitrarily shaped surfaces if problematic in hard optical materials such as glass. In addition, the area of Laplacian Imaging is a little-studied regime. We are bringing these areas together to design surfaces that have very shallow relief (and hence require less removal of material) and that will produce Laplacian images via transmission of white light..

The Approach

Our approach: we are studying the interaction of laser light with glasses so as to develop processes that have a high degree of spatial control whilst also obtaining arbitrarily shaped surfaces of low roughness. To this end, novel hybrid laser-chemical interactions are being explored.

The Impact

Our impact: success in this project will open up a new regime in free-form optics that could be exploited in many ways. For example, architectural glass that has controlled illumination patterns as well as technical devices that require structured light..

Start and expected completion date

1 Sep 2017 - 31 Aug 2019



The project is funded £123,828.00 by The Leverhulme Trust.

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