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Supply Chain Risk Mapping Tool

The Logistics Institute has developed a powerful and user-friendly tool for quickly visualizing the supply chain network and computing risk scores for the entire network.


The pandemic has exposed many issues in supply chains and there is a dire need for tools to identify, visualize and quantify risks in the supply chain as a first step to making them resilient.

Risks can be disruptive or associated with operational, environmental or ethical factors.  These can affect the supply chain and add to costs and reputation, ultimately affecting an organisation’s bottom line.


The Logistics Institute has developed a powerful and user-friendly application that allows you to quickly map and visualize any complex multi-tier supply chain for the purposes of risk analysis of the sites, lanes and entire supply chain network. The tool can also be updated to show COVID-19 related risks in each country and can be extended to show other events.


The tool can be accessed through this link.

A short user manual for the Supply Chain Risk Mapping Tool can be found here.

The Impact

The tool has been successfully used to analyse the risk for several global supply chains enabling corrective and mitigating strategies to be developed. Furthermore, it is one of the tools that allows transport lanes to be modelled down to the sea port level.

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Project Team

Prof Nishikant Mishra, Prof Gunjan Saxena,Dr Sushma Kumari, Dr Roland Getor, Quynh Do

For more information, please contact:

Barrie Louw (, Systems and Operations Manager, Logistics Institute at The University of Hull