The Logistics Institute

The Logistics Institute

Established in 2008, the Logistics Institute is a world-renowned centre for research, education and expertise in logistics and supply chain management.

We are a leader in applied logistics research and industry outreach programmes, both national and international. Our focus is to drive sustainable growth through viable logistics.

As a world-class institution, the institute tackles industry problems through research, education and training, industry grants and funding, enterprise consultancy and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

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We've directly driven more than 500 businesses towards supply chain solutions. And we've helped to train hundreds of logistics graduates who've gone on to effect change on a global level.

LHOFT Project
Plastic Waste Management Tool
Supply Chain Risk Mapping Tool
COVID-19 Resurgence Simulator
Green Port Impact Assessment
Railfreight Energy and Emissions Calculator

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We value the contributions visiting academics make to our research community and are proud to welcome visiting academics from around the world. To be considered for a proposed visit to the University of Hull please complete our International Visiting Academics Application Form.