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On-going projects

Education resources for schools, colleges and community groups

To help motivate the the next generation of scientists, the Energy and Environment Institute at the University of Hull have created an engaging selection of video resources aimed at schools and community groups. Or why not book an online visit from one of our inspiring scientific researchers?


We hope that schools, colleges and community groups will access these free digital resources and share them with children and young people throughout the year. If you are able to incorporate online visitors to your classroom, we can also arrange for one of scientific researchers to deliver a short workshop and discussion session. Email the Energy and Environment Institute with your request.

The initial film selection, focuses on our women scientists - to link with International Women's Day, 8 March 2021. The films speak to all genders and backgrounds and are not solely aimed at young women. Over time, we will add further content from other colleagues.

The videos showcase the role that children and young people could play in science and scientific research both now and in the future. Colleagues talk about their own inspirations, passions, curiosities and highlights including the impact, achievements and success of women in tackling global environmental resilience and energy sustainability.

Hear from a number of our Hull-based researchers working across exciting areas such as the offshore wind industry, the impact of climate change on the environment, people and wildlife, the fate of microplastics in Antarctic marine environments and the importance of the child and youth voice in the global issues facing society.

We have made a Compilation Video of 22 minutes, featuring nine women scientists, which can be easily inserted into lesson plans.



We have also listed the individual film clips, so you can select one or more shorter clips of 1-4 minutes, depending on subject matter.

Please do email us at if you would like any more information or would like us to look at the involvement of one of our Scientists or Scientific Researchers in a live lesson.

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