Our people

Under the leadership of Professor Dan Parsons, the Energy and Environment Institute gathers together world leading scientists, across this multidisciplinary space, to conduct impactful research on the global challenges presented by environmental change and securing a low-carbon energy supply.


Institute Director

Dan's research investigates how earth surface systems respond to climate and environmental change and explores societal adaptations to mitigate the impact of these changes.


Director – Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies

Xudong is a globally recognised energy researcher whose focus is around sustainable building services, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Josh is a fluvial geomorphologist interested in large river morphodynamics, floodplain evolution, and channel behaviour on this planet and beyond.


Institute Administrator

Joanna provides administrative support to Energy and Environment Institute team assisting in supporting the Institute’s activities and operations.


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Elena’s research interest is morphodynamics and sediment transport.


Executive Officer

As executive support to the Director of the Energy and Environment Institute Jo plays a key role in co-ordinating the Institute’s business, developing its activities, managing projects, and co-ordinating HR and finance functions.


Research Fellow

Rob’s research covers multiphase, turbulent and stratified flows and is applied to offshore wind, via the Aura partnership project.


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Roberto is a fluvial geomorphologist interested in understanding the fluvial processes the shape the earth through experiments.


Research Fellow

Chris' research focuses on earth surface processes and sedimentology and the processes and mechanisms of sediment transport, erosion and the subsequent morphodynamics of large river and deltaic systems.


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Lisa is researching the combination Hazard of Extreme rainfall, Surge and high Tide on estuarine infrastructure (CHEST).


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jonathan’s research concerns sediment transport processes associated with waves and currents in shallow water marine environments, using both computer models and experiments.


Postdoctoral Research Associate


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Christina works on the chemistry & interactions of organisms in future oceans using computational models, analytical chemistry and bioassays.


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Steve is developing our understanding of sedimentary processes through the application of novel acoustic measurements of flow and sediment transport.


Research Fellow

Chris specialises in using computer models to see how floods change our landscapes and how these changes influence future flood risk.


Senior Research Fellow

Rob's research centres around Geomorphology and Flood Risk with an interest in the development and use of novel technologies to study hydraulics, sediment transport, slope stability and the impacts of fauna and flora on those processes.

xuxu wu

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Xuxu focuses on small-scale beform (ripple) developed with cohesive materials including both physical and biological cohesion to quantify interactions of near-bed hydrodynamics, sediment transport dynamics and turbulence over developing bed.


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Greg’s interests are centred on understanding Earth surface processes and morphodynamics. He is currently looking at flood risk and resilience on the Mekong delta and how this may be altered in the future.

PhD community

Bas Bodewes

PhD Physical Geography

Catastrophic Flows: Scaling flood events and ecohydraulics in experimental models

Jack Buckingham

PhD Physical Geography

The Ecological fate of microplastics in Antarctic marine environments - a source to sink approach

Ye Chen

PhD Physical Geography

Knickpoint migration and longer-term submarine channel evolution in Bute Inlet, BC, Canada.

Sergio Duran

PhD Physical Geography

Catastrophic Flows: Simulating Catastrophic floods on Mars

Florence Halstead

PhD Physical Geography

International perspectives and cultural perceptions of flood risk evolution with climate change

Robert Houseago

PhD Physical Geography

Catastrophic Flows: The Influence of Vegetation on Coastal Dynamics

Jennifer James

PhD Physical Geography

Ecological responses to environmental change: an experimental approach to the causes of extinction

Josh Johnson
Joshua Johnson

PhD Physical Geography

Modelling the geomorphological impacts of Natural Flood Management interventions using a novel coupling of physical and computational experiments”.

Catherine Mascord

PhD Physical Geography

Worms On Film: How, Where and When did Metazoans begin Bioturbating Microbial Substrates?

Cian McGuire

PhD Physical Geography

A foraminiferal solution to the Contourite/Turbidite problem

Freija Mendrik

PhD Physical Geography

The ecological fate of microplastics in estuarine, delta and marine environments in south-east Asia.

Chloe Morris

PhD Physical Geography

Rita Santos

PhD Physical Geography

South East Asia freshwater fish populations and networks: the impacts of climatic and environmental change on a vital resource.

Robyn Seymour-Jones

PhD Physical Geography

Quaternary Evolution of Mediterranean Lakes

Greg Smith
Gregory Smith

PhD Earth Science

Catastrophic Flows: Quantifying the sedimentation of ignimbrites: understanding the behaviour of pyroclastic density currents through experimental modelling

Serena Teasdale

PhD Physical Geography

Sticky Coasts: Characterising the role of biological cohesion in modulating erosion in coastal fringe environments

Marijke de Vet

PhD Physical Geography

Turbulent-Laminar transitions in flows laden with cohesive sediment

Josh Wolstenholme

PhD Physical Geography

The efficacy and long-term evolution of Natural Flood Risk Management interventions: a combined experimental and numerical modelling approach

Nilufan Xiaokaiti

PhD Physical Geography

Latitudinal Forcing on Deep Ocean Continental Shelf Seawater Mixing


Dr Isabella Capellini

Senior Lecturer in Vertebrate Zoology

Dr Capellini studies large-scale patterns and processes underlying phenotypic diversity and evolution.

Professor Thomas Coulthard

Professor of Physical Geography

Tom chaired the independent review into the Hull floods and was lead author on the review's influential report.

Dr Vasiliki Skoulou


Vicky's research is focused in the field of thermochemical treatment (pyro-gasification processes) of lignocellulosic biomass residues/fossil fuels/waste for bioenergy-biofuels-biochemicals.

Dr Anna Bird

Lecturer in Geology

Anna is a lecturer in metamorphic geology who also works on Quaternary sediments.

Dr Stuart McLelland

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Stuart's research focuses on physical modelling of flow processes and sediment transport dynamics.

Honorary fellows

Professor emerita Lynne Frostick

Doctor of Science