Sujeet Rai HYMS Grad and Junior Doctor at HRI UNI-0865

Faculty of Business, Law and Politics

Our Faculty brings together research in disciplines across business, law and politics in ways that are distinctive in comparison with other institutions. We undertake innovative research of the highest quality that generates new insights into the functioning of economies and societies worldwide.  

Hull University General Hull Images-115

Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

We undertake interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and research impact in the fields of: Creativity in Cultures and Communities, Transnationality Studies, Heritage and Memory and Sustainability.


Faculty of Science and Engineering

From understanding how the Earth is responding to climate change to developing miniaturised platforms for chemical synthesis, clinical diagnostics and environmental analysis, our diverse and collaborative research addresses real-world problems.

Jess May Student Midwife at Hull Women and Children's Hospital

Faculty of Health Sciences

Our research encompasses work at the laboratory bench through to the health of populations - ranging from ‘lab on a chip’ through to end of life care and from sports excellence through to managing chronic illnesses.

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