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From medieval literature to modern slavery, our diverse research output drives change and shines a light on the world around us, explores where we've been and illuminates where we are going.

We undertake interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange and research impact in the fields of: Creativity in Cultures and Communities, Transnationality Studies, Heritage and Memory and Sustainability.

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Creativity in Cultures and Communities

Creativity can be interpreted as imaginative or inventive thinking, or doing where something new is formed. Covering research in a range of subject areas, including Drama, Music, Screen, Digital Media, English, Creative Writing, Sociology, Criminology, Philosophy, History, Education and Modern Languages.


Transnationality Studies

Looking at what happens to cultural communication when shared across international contexts, examining the transformative effect on both the culture of reception and origin. Bringing together research from English, Drama, Modern Languages, History, Education and Music to focus on broader concepts of enquiry, including questions about cultural value, encounter, exchange, identification, appropriation, iconicity and signification.


Heritage and Memory

The way society chooses to remember and represent the past plays a key role in shaping our sense of belonging and identity in the present. We examine how identities are shaped by culture and the media; by different communities and generations; and the differences between personal and public remembrances – through the act of heritage creation.

As part of this, we are proud to be the lead partner for the Heritage Consortium.

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Achieving sustainability is a defining aim for societies, governments and organisations across the globe. Making transitions toward sustainable economies and environments, and away from unsustainable social equalities, is a complex societal challenge. Researchers in the social sciences and humanities engage in significant interdisciplinary research to look at these issues.


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From liquid crystal displays to bone density scanners and beyond, we've always been at the cutting-edge of research.

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