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Graduate Case Study - Matthew Crofts

BA English & History

Matthew Crofts studied an English and History degree at the University of Hull, followed by a Masters and a PhD in English Literature.

He credits his studies at the University with helping him develop a diverse skills base that’s valuable to a range of industries and sectors. Since graduating, Matthew has secured roles in a variety of fields including digital marketing and academia.

Matthew Crofts at Summit Media
Matthew Crofts
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“The University of Hull is a great place to study a postgraduate degree to further develop your skills and stand out in a really crowded job market.

“I’d really recommend studying a Masters. I chose my Masters subject after a brilliant undergraduate experience, and I wanted to take my knowledge, learning and skills development even further in that area.

“Masters degrees are an opportunity to develop more skills and refine your interests following undergraduate study. It gives you the chance to work more closely with lecturers, be taught in smaller groups, and develop expertise in your field.

“The course modules were a real highlight for me, and I enjoyed studying them. I also loved being able to complete an MA dissertation; we were given the chance to pose our own research question and undertake original research to provide an answer. I enjoyed this research so much in fact, that I went on to study a PhD in the subject! The English department at Hull has experts in my chosen research field, Gothic literature, so it was the perfect choice.

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“I was also really impressed by the Postgraduate Training Scheme that the University’s Doctoral College offer. This is additional accredited training, included as part of PhD, MPhil or Masters by Thesis studies, that further develops the professional and research skills of postgraduates, preparing them for academia or the job market.

"Hull also has a fantastic resource in the library skills team, who provide a range of additional support and direction to help students make the jump to postgraduate level.

“I had a great time studying at Hull, it’s such a friendly place to be and the facilities and campus are excellent. The city and the University itself have wonderful cultural environments. Hull is a uniquely literary city. It embraces people’s creativity and has a wide, inclusive view of what culture means. It also has many free cultural events! The University puts students first and gives them the support that they need to flourish.

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“The University of Hull’s English department is also excellent, taught by experts who not only know their field, but really care about their students. English Literature is a fantastic subject for developing a wide range of communication and research skills that can help you into many industries and sectors. English was a great choice for developing a wide range of skills sought after by employers, such as written communication, presenting and research – offering routes into many different career paths. It allowed me to find roles where my skills are not only challenged but appreciated.

“My advice to current students who want to land their dream job would be to seek out and create opportunities! To make sure they enjoy their time and socialise with their peers, but also take advantage of the University’s careers services and the guidance of their lecturers and tutors.”

Matthew Crofts at Summit Media