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How to look after your mental health at University


Abbie Howard

Starting University is a big adjustment in anyone’s life and can seem very daunting at first.

Therefore, it’s so important to find ways that work for you to help you cope with this change.

For many of you, University will be the first time you have moved away from home and so feeling a little bit homesick is perfectly normal. For some people this lasts a few weeks, and for others it’s a feeling that never fully disappears.

However, a good way to cope with this is to plan when you are going to take trips home or even invite your family up to experience the wonderful city that Hull is. Whether this is as frequent as every other weekend or once a month, it will give you something to look forward to and enable you to have a clear vision of when you will next get to see your friends from home and your family.

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During your time at university, you will also be given the freedom to choose when you complete your own independent studies. However, whilst your new university life maybe exciting, it is important to remember that work still needs to be done.

Finding a balance between studying and socialising that suits you is different for everyone. It’s important to find one that works and stick to it in order to avoid any future stress.

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Finally, remember that there's no shame in admitting if / when you’re struggling with your mental health. You can often find that simply discussing any issues you are experiencing to your close friends or family can feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing that or if you feel like you need further support, there's also plenty of services provided both inside and outside of the University of Hull that are there to help you.

Getting help from the University is so simple and there are a variety of ways to access it. You can:

Complete the self-referral form provided by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

• Call the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team Monday - Friday 9:00-17:00 on 01482 46 2222

• Visit the Central Hub on the 1st floor of the Students' Union

• Access 24hr support through the Hull University Student Assistance Program

• Log an enquiry through MyHull Portal


If you are worried about another student, then there is also an option to complete the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team’s concern form where you can voice your worries and be assured that they will be dealt with. 

Hull Cream Phonebox
You can always phone home if you need to!

Blog by: Abbie Howard