Dr Laura Sadofsky

Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine/ Academic lead for postgraduate training in HYMS

Faculty of Health Sciences


01482 462184

Laura Sadofsky is interested in ion channels and their role in cough and airways inflammation. Her laboratory is currently using human cells and tissue to develop models of the human airways.

Using these models, she hopes to better understand the changes which occur in the airways in response to viruses as well as environmental stimuli and pharmaceuticals.


Research Interests

  • Pharmacology

  • Ion channels including the thermo-transient receptor potential (TRP) cation channels TRPA1, TRPV1, TRPV4 and TRPM8 (TRP ankyrin-1, vanilloid-1, vanilloid-4 and melastatin-8) and purinergic receptors P2X2 and P2X3

  • Biomedical microfluidics

  • Precision cut lung slices (PCLS)

  • Human rhinovirus

Research groups

  • Work closely with respiratory clinicians including Professor Alyn Morice, Dr Simon Hart and Dr Michael Crookes

  • Collaborate with Dr Rob Bennett, a perfusionist at Castle Hill Hospital

  • Work with Dr Andrew Boa and Professor Nicole Pamme, in Chemistry, on interdisciplinary projects

  • Collaborated with Professor Maria Belvisi, Imperial College London; Miguel Angel Valverde De Castro at Universitat Pompeau Fabra, Barcelona; Professor Morad Roudbaraki, University of Lille; and Professor Pierangelo Gepetti, University of Florence


Sadofsky L R, Cantero-Recasens G, Wright C, Valverde M A & Morice A H (2017), 'TRPV1 Polymorphisms Influence Capsaicin Cough Sensitivity in Men', Journal of Thoracic Disease, 9(3), 839-840.

Sadofsky L R, Hayman Y A, Hart S P & Morice A H (2017), 'Lipid Laden Macrophages in Respiratory Disease', Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 23(3), 477-478.

Hayman Y, Sadofsky L R, Williamson J D, Hart S P and Morice A H (2017), 'The Effects of Exogenous Lipid on THP-1 Cells: An In Vitro Model of Airway Aspiration?', European Respiratory Journal Open Research, in press.

De Logu F, Tonello R, Materazzi S, Nassini R, Fusi C, Coppi E, Li Puma S, Marone I M, Sadofsky L R, Morice A H, Susini T, Terreni A, Moneti G, Di Tommaso M, Geppetti P & Benemei S (2016), 'TRPA1 Mediates Aromatase Inhibitor-Evoked Pain by the Aromatase Substrate Androstenedione', Cancer Research, 76(23), 7024-7035.

Sadofsky L R, Sreekrishna K T, Lin Y, Schinaman R, Gorka K, Mantri Y, Haught J C, Huggins T G, Isfort R J, Bascom C C & Morice A H (2014), Unique Responses are Observed in Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 and Vanilloid 1 (TRPA1 and TRPV1) Co-Expressing Cells, Cells, 3(2), 616-26.

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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

MSc Physician Associate Studies

  • Pharmacology, Prescribing and Therapeutics

MBBS Medicine

  • Phase 1 plenary lectures

BSc/MSc Biomedical Science

  • Research projects

Research PhDs

Ion channels including the thermo-Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) cation channels TRPA1, TRPV1, TRPV4 and TRPM8 (TRP ankyrin-1, vanilloid-1, vanilloid-4 and melastatin-8) and purinergic receptors P2X2 and P2X3

  • Biomedical Microfluidics

  • Precision Cut Lung Slices (PCLS)

  • Human rhinovirus

  • Cough and airways inflammation

Completed PhDs

Knaggs J D, The Modulation of Transient Receptor Potential A1 Channel by Natural and Novel Semi-synthetic Compounds via Non-covalent Modification (2016).

Fraser S D, Peripheral Blood Leukocyte Immune Responses in Sarcoidosis (2016)

Current PhDs 

  • Samantha Atkinson

  • Arundhasa Chandrabalan

  • Rebecca Stinson

Teaching awards and accolades

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP)

  • HEA fellowship

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSc Biochemistry, University of Birmingham

  • MSc Toxicology, University of Birmingham

  • PhD Medicine-respiratory medicine, University of Hull

Professional highlights

  • Bionorica Phytoneering Award, Global Research Initiative 2013/2014