Mark Wade

Dr Mark Wade

Lecturer in Genetics

01482 463253

Dr Mark Wade is a cancer researcher with particular interests in the genetics of therapy-induced cancer and the epigenetic regulation of breast cancer.

He obtained his PhD from Newcastle University in Molecular Genetics in 2012 and subsequently undertook a role at Newcastle University as a post-doctoral research associate, investigating the role of epigenetic regulatory proteins in breast cancer.

Dr Wade became a lecturer in genetics at the University of Hull in 2017 and continues to actively follow these research interests.



Research Interests

  • Cancer

  • Breast cancer

  • Cancer genetics

  • Epigenetics

Research groups

  • Member of the Disease Biomarker Research Cluster (Project Leader), University of Hull

  • Collaboration with Professor James Allan, Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle, on therapy-induced cancer

  • Collaboration with Dr Luke Gaughan, Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle, on epigenetic regulation of cancer


Wade M A, Jones D, Wilson L, Stockley J, Coffey K, Robson C N and Gaughan L, 'The histone demethylase enzyme KDM3A is a key estrogen receptor regulator in breast cancer', Nucleic Acids Research, 43(1), pp 196-207 (2015)

Middleton F K, Patterson M J, Elstob C J, Fordham S, Herriott A, Wade M A, McCormick A, Edmondson R, May F E B, Allan J M, Pollard J R and Curtin N J, 'Common cancer-associated imbalances in the DNA damage response confer sensitivity to single agent ATR inhibition', Oncotarget, 6(32), pp 32396-32409 (2015)

Wade M A*, Jones D*, Nakjang S, Chayto L, Grey J, Robson C N and Gaughan L, 'FOXA1 regulates androgen receptor variant activity in models of castrate-resistant prostate cancer', Oncotarget, 6(30), pp 29782-29794 (2015) (*both authors contributed equally to this work)

O’Neill D, Jones D, Wade M A, Grey J, Nakjang S, Guo W, Cork D, Davies B R, Wedge S R, Robson C N and Gaughan L, 'Development and exploitation of a novel mutant androgen receptor modelling strategy to identify new targets for advanced prostate cancer therapy', Oncotarget, 6(28), pp 26029-26040 (2015)

Wade M A, Sunter N J, Fordham S E, Long A, Masic D, Russell L J, Harrison C J, Rand V, Bown N, Rowe D, Lowe C, Crosier S, Bacon C, Onel K, Scott K, Scott D, Travis L B, May F E B and Allan J M, 'c-MYC is a radiosensitive locus in human breast cells', Oncogene, 34(38), pp 4985-4994 (2014)

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Programmes taught on

Modules list

  • Principles of Genetics

  • Molecular Genetics and Proteomics

  • Human Genetics

  • Final year research project

Research PhDs

Applications from prospective PhD or MSc by Research (MRes) students wishing to join Dr Wade's research group and thriving postgraduate community at the School of Life Sciences are welcome at any time.

In particular, Dr Wade invites expression of interest and applications in the following areas of research.

  • Cancer genetics

  • Epigenetics

  • Breast cancer biology

  • Therapy-induced cancer

Current PhD supervisions 

  • Rebecca Humphries, Identification of genomic biomarkers for therapy-induced cancer (September 2018 onwards)


Professional highlights


Academic qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Genetics, University of Nottingham

  • MSc Medical Genetics, Newcastle University

  • PhD Molecular Genetics, Newcastle University