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Dr Joanne Cook

Reader in Organisational Behaviour/Human Resources Management

Faculty of Business, Law and Politics

01482 464245

Joe has two core areas of research: responsible business and migration.

Currently, her research has involved working in partnership with business and third sector organisations utilising participatory action research methods.

This work has examined the changing relationships between the state, business and third sector from a critical stakeholder perspective, and the sustainability of the third sector in the face of increasing marketisation.

The migration research strand of Joe’s research is around migration and settlement with an interest in work and employment, community integration and migrants families, using biographical and action research methods.


Research Interests

In terms of corporate practice Joe's research seeks to understand the impact of employee volunteering (EV) on the business and its employees in terms of skills development, personal motivations and organisational citizenship.

Research groups

Joe has worked with a wide range of stakeholders including the Office for Civil Society and has developed a network of over 600 business, public and third sector organisations across the UK.

Her research partnerships involve collaborations wth Dr Jon Burchell (University of Sheffield), Dr Amanda Shantz (Trintiy Collage Dublin), Dr Jonathon Booth (LSE), Dr Anton Sentic (University of Greenwich), Dr Jieyu Liu (SOAS), Professor Claudine Attias-Donfut (CNAV and CNRS/EHESS, Paris), Professor Jaco Hoffman (North West University, South Africa), and Dr Tom Hoyland, Dr Diane Dean and Dr Fiona Walkley (University of Hull).


Cook, J and Burchell, J (forthcoming), ‘Bridging the Gaps in Employee Volunteering (EV): Why the Third Sector Doesn’t Always Win’, submitted to Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, (CABS 3*). Accepted pending one minor revision June 2017.

Cook, J and Lui, J. (2016), ‘Can ‘Distant Water … Quench the Instant Thirst’? The Renegotiation of Familial Support in Rural China in the Face of Extensive Out Migration’, Journal of Ageing Studies, DOI.10.1016/j.jaging.2016.02.002. (Impact Factor 1.427).

Cook, J and Waite. L (2016), ‘I Think I’m More Free with Them - Conflict, Negotiation and Change in Intergenerational Relations in African Families Living in Britain’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI 10.1080/13691.83X.2015.1073578. (Impact factor 1.593).

Burchell, J. and Cook, J. (2013), ‘CSR, Co-optation and Resistance – the Emergence of New Agonistic Relations Between Business and Civil Society’, Journal of Business Ethics, 115 (4); 741-754. (ABS 3*).

Burchell, J and Cook, J. (2012), ‘Sleeping With the Enemy? Strategic Transformations in Business-NGO Relationships Through Stakeholder Dialogue', Journal of Business Ethics, 113 (3); 505-518 (ABS 3* Impact factor 1.552).


Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

  • Corporate Social Responsibility UG

  • Outgoing Summer Schools (levels 5,6,7)

Research PhDs

I welcome PhD applications in the following areas:

  • CSR and business/state/civil society relations.
  • Gender and CSR
  • Gender and migration
  • Employee volunteering
  • Social action
  • Third sector sustainability
  • Migration, settlement and belonging
  • Intergenerational relationships and migration

Completed PhDs 

  • Dr Stanford Nartey, December 2014, CSR in Gold Mining
  • Dr Taposh Roy, September 2015, CSR in MNCs in Bangladesh
  • Dr Ellen Lewis, January 2016, System Approaches to Gender and Development

Current PhD supervisors

  • Aviv Kruglanski, Wild Yeast Economies in Hull and Barcelona
  • Saiful Islam, Gender and CSR in Bangladesh Ready Made Garment Sector
  • Asmahan Alsalma, Gender and Higher Education in Saudi Arabia
  • Hartness Shamashonga, CSR and Stakeholder Dialogue in the New Mutuals in the UK

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BA(Hons) (Liverpool John Moores Unversity)

  • PhD (Sheffield)

  • Postgraduate Research Training Certificate (Sheffield)