Exciting New Software Updates to Support Teaching at Hull

Latest software developments presented with useful tips and how-to videos!


Discussions/Announcements Redesign

Discussions and Announcements have been redesigned in Canvas offering better usability, like threaded replies and the ability to @mention someone on the course. Another option allows you to create anonymous discussion, a useful feature for seeking unfiltered feedback on aspects of your course or for encouraging shy students to communicate. This 1:46min video tells you how! 

Icon Maker

For those who've always wanted to make their own simple icons for use in Canvas, watch this 1:49min video.  

Schedule Page Publication

You can also now schedule when the pages you create in your Canvas course will become available:  

How to schedule page publication on Canvas

Did you know?

Canvas now shows you any accessibility issues on pages you create before you save the page – see the Canvas Accessibility Checker guide


Mentimeter has introduced some great new question types lately, including

  • 100 points - useful for getting groups to prioritise e.g. revision topics or to find out student preferences e.g. types of learning activities
  • 2 by 2 grids – which let you ask students to rate things against two dimensions to map or categorise items
  • And two new options that are brilliant for starting discussions - Pin on image (for example showing where you are from on a map) and the classic starter 2 truths and a lie.

Did you know? You can also use Mentimeter to set a timer – for your own presentation or group activities perhaps?


The integration between Panopto and MS Teams has been improved recently – as well as being able to make all your Teams recordings for a course team upload automatically to the Panopto Recordings area of your Canvas course, you can also add Panopto videos to Teams messages and present them in Teams meetings. Step-by-step presentation on this 2:41min Panopto-recording

Did you know? You can also now add Audio Descriptions to your Panopto recordings


Pebblepad has a new interface (called Submission Viewer 2) which provides a new and improved way to view and give feedback on submissions in ATLAS

It has also introduced a new Embed Block that can be used to embed external content in portfolios or workbooks – such as YouTube, Prezi, Padlet and /Office365 Online

Need help?

If you would like any help using these exciting new features, just log a job through the Support Portal.

Photo credit: Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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