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Our financial policies, plans and agreements.

Fee Policy

Course Fee Summary 2021-22

Course Fee Summary 2020-21

Gillian Stead Bursary Policy

Studentship policy

Scholarship policy

Sanctuary Scholarship policy

Access and Participation Plan

The University University is proud to have maintained its excellent record in recruitment of students from low participation neighbourhoods. Access indicators are significantly better than national averages and sector benchmarks, for both full and part time student groups.

Access and Participation Plan 2020-25


Previous plans and policies

2019-20 policies

Gillian Stead Bursary Policy

Studentship policy

Scholarship policy

Sanctuary scholarship policy


Undergraduate Gillian Stead Bursary Policy 2018-19

Undergraduate Studentship Policy 2018-19

Undergraduate Merit Scholarship Policy 2018-19

Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship Policy 2018-19

Sanctuary Scholarship Policy 2018-19

Access Agreement 2018-19


Undergraduate Gillian Stead Bursary Policy 2017-18

Undergraduate Studentship Policy 2017-18

Undergraduate Merit Scholarship Policy 2017-18

Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship Policy 2017-18

Access Agreement 2017-18


Undergraduate Studentship Policy 2016-17

Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship Policy 2016-17

Undergraduate Merit Scholarship Policy 2016-17

Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship Policy 2016-17

Undergraduate Gillian Stead Bursary Policy 2016-17

Access Agreement 2016-17


Undergraduate Bursary Policy 2015-16

Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship Policy 2015-16

Undergraduate Merit Scholarship Policy 2015-16

Access Agreement 2015-16


University of Hull Undergraduate Bursary Policy 2014-15

University of Hull Undergraduate Scholarship Policy 2014-15

Access Agreement 2014-15


Undergraduate Bursary Policy 2013-14

Undergraduate Scholarship Policy 2013-14

Access Agreement 2013-14


Undergraduate Bursary Policy 2012-13

Undergraduate Scholarship Policy 2012-13

Access Agreement 2012-13


Access Agreement 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12

Access Agreement 2006-07, 2007-08