After you've applied for a postgraduate course


Our pages include information for international students

Once you have applied online, you will be given access to MyPortal. You will receive an email with your login details, please login as soon as you can. This is where you will be able to find details of any offers that are made to you, upload and submit and documentation to support your application. 

After you’ve applied, keep a look out for a notification for an update on the progress of your application. There are different types of offers you may receive from us.

Conditional offer

If you receive a conditional offer from us – this is great news! This means that we have offered you a place, but you will need to meet the conditions stated in your offer. You will see in MyPortal where you can upload documents requested in order to meet your academic conditions.

Unconditional offer

If you receive an unconditional offer from us – congratulations! This means you have met the entry requirements and secured your place. You’ll still need to double check the offer to see if there’s anything else you need to do. This could be in the form of a DBS check, providing proof of your qualifications, or meeting any financial/medical requirements.

Unsuccessful or withdrawn choices

An unsuccessful application means you have not been offered a place. The reason for the decision will be shown in your email and portal.

Applicant days

We offer PG applicants the opportunity to visit our campus at various times of the year. Details of these events will be posted to our website and send to you by email.

Replying to your offer

Once you have received your offer, you will need to decide if you wish to accept your place. To accept your offer, login to MyPortal and click ‘Accept Offer’.

International Applicants

If you are an International Applicant, once you have accepted our offer, you will receive a CAS Questionnaire 150 days before the start date of your programme. This will help us to assess your Student Visa sponsorship. It is essential that you complete this as soon as possible, as we are not able to progress your visa further without this information.

Deposit Payments and CAS Issue

It is University of Hull’s Policy to secure a deposit payment of £4,000 from our International Applicants. We are not able to issue a CAS without this payment being made. Once this has been received and you have met all academic requirements, you will be issued with a Draft CAS by email. You will need to check all of the details in your CAS Statement are correct and either approve or reject. If approved, a Final CAS will be issued as soon as possible. If rejected, you can provide details of any corrections that need to be made and we will then issue you with another Draft CAS.

Payments after CAS Issue

If you make a payment after CAS issue, we are able to update your fee payments directly with the UKVI. To do this, you can email CAS@hull.ac.uk. We do not need to issue another CAS in this instance.


45 days before the start of your programme you will recieve a notification informing you that you can enrol. Please follow the instructions given. If you have any difficulties, you can use the ‘Talk to Us’ function that is available in MyPortal.