INFINITY - Indium Free Innovative Technology

Securing next-generation display technologies whilst reducing cost and environmental impacts.

The Challenge

Our challenge: to remove the need for indium-based materials that are currently used for electronic displays (for example computer monitors and mobile devices) and photovoltaic cells. Indium is a scarce material that has an at-risk supply chain but is widely used in transparent conductive coatings. Reduction in its usage will secure next generation display technologies and reduce cost and environmental impacts.

The Approach

Our approach: nanoparticle-based inks are being developed by collaborators in the UK, Germany and Spain. Printed tracks then need to be UV and heat treated to make them transparent and conductive. By using lasers for this "sintering" step, it will be possible to utilise sensitive polymer substrates thus expanding the applications to flexible electronics.

The Impact

Our impact: success of this work will remove the need for the use of indium and hence the risks associated with its costs and supply chain. Further innovation through the use of laser-based processes will allow the development of next generation flexible electronics be they foldable displays or low-cost polymer photovoltaics.

Start and expected completion date

December 2014 - April 2018



The project is funded £514,486 by EU - Horizon 2020.

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